Unveiling the Power of TikTok: The Influence of Hashtags
2024-04-01 03:34:39

     When a celebrity is labeled with a term, they tend to manage their self-impressions to align their behavior with the label's content, a phenomenon caused by the label itself and known as the "labeling effect." Subsequently, fans will strongly identify with this label. Psychology suggests that the "labeling effect" occurs mainly because labels have a guiding function.

In the world of social media, the operation of tags is essential. Let's take TikTok as an example today. TikTok's unique recommendation algorithm is quite typical; it enhances the guiding role of tags significantly. On one hand, the platform's algorithm directly caters to users' interests and values, and on the other hand, it also guides users to discover content they like.

In short, the labeling effect on TikTok is about using tags to make videos more visible to users interested in the tag's content, and allowing users to discover topics of interest more quickly. In this article, Shoplus will help you with professional TikTok hashtag analytics.


01.  Two types of tags on TikTok

    Account tag

    This is an invisible label, yet it exists and is extremely important. The account tag is TikTok's assessment of the account's positioning, such as "foodie," "beauty skincare," etc. An account tag not only determines what kind of videos TikTok shows you but also affects which area users your video will be prioritized to be pushed to. This aspect generally runs through the entire operation of your account, starting with nurturing the account to influence TikTok's system in positioning it.

Based on the content browsed and usage habits during the account nurturing phase, TikTok automatically assigns certain tags to the account. Therefore, if you are a pet account, you should continuously browse this category of video content. If you encounter irrelevant content, simply press and hold 'Not interested.' Hence, before you start nurturing your account, you need to clearly establish the positioning of your account.


Hashtag refers to the manually set accompanying topic tags when posting creations.

Utilizing topic hashtags effectively can not only increase video views and tap into potential target audiences but, more importantly, for businesses, it allows direct access to precise customers, thereby driving product sales. For new users or brands looking to boost video visibility, leveraging popular tags significantly increases the chance of videos appearing in user search results. Even top-tier well-known brands do not overlook the use of tags to create buzz for their products, services, and promotional activities.

As per TikTok's "For You" recommendation system, the platform automatically pushes relevant video content to users interested in that domain. The more accurately you apply topic hashtags, the greater the precision of the audience your video is delivered to. Videos posted on TikTok are recommended based on a mix of algorithmic attributes, real-time popularity, and user relationships data. A video's initial exposure typically receives around 300 plays; without a topic hashtag, a video might be randomly pushed to users the system deems suitable, which if imprecise, greatly reduces the opportunity for the video to enter the next pool of traffic.


02.  Types of Hashtag

Location hashtag

Tags named after countries, regions, or specific locations, which can accurately deliver videos to targeted areas.

For example: #Cinemas, #Yoga Studio, #Baiyun Mountain, etc.

Production hashtag

Tags named after types of productions.

For example: #Rings#WaterCup#Headphones#Stools#Mirror, etc.

Festival hashtag

Tags named after festivals and festive events, which can leverage the popularity of holidays.

For example: #Christmas, #Halloween, #Mother's Day, #Carnival, etc.

Industry hashtag

Tags named after industries or specific fields can precisely reach target users.

For example: #Technology, #Insurance, #Clothing, #Catering, etc.

Daily hashtag

Tags related to seasons, dates, products, brands, and other more everyday themes.

For example: #Sunday, #lululemon, #Winter, #Huawei, etc.

Adjective hashtag

Root tags named after adjectives or moods, to be named according to one's video type and content.

For example: #Happy, #Uncomfortable, #Innovative, #Advanced, etc.

Brand hashtag

tag named after a brand, which allows sellers to create a tag for their own brand.

For example: #Zendure, #Flower Know, #Ecovacs, etc.

Challenge hashtag

By posting relevant videos with these tags, it will reach a more active and thematically focused audience.

For instance: #Level-Up Challenge, #Flip the Switch Challenge, etc.


03.  Tips for using hashtag

Find hashtag

1. TikTok Search Bar: Enter keywords in the TikTok search bar, and the search results will display relevant tags. Users can choose matching tags based on video content and related video views.

2. Benchmark Peer Accounts: If unsure of how to select tags, it's advisable to reference excellent peer videos and choose popular tags that match your own video.

3. TikTok Hot Search List: The system ranks a list based on current hot trends, and users can choose matching popular tags.

4. Tag Challenges: When brands or others set up tag challenges, they provide a specific tag. At this time, users can participate in the tag challenge, add the tag to their video, and increase exposure.

5. Create Exclusive Tags: For brand sellers, creating their own exclusive tags is possible, such as #Zendure, #Flower Know, #ecovacs, etc., which helps build their own exclusive traffic pool. 

Adding Tags: Keep the number within 5-8

The maximum limit for a TikTok video title is 150 characters, so it's necessary to choose an appropriate number of tags. Generally, adding 1-3 tags per video is enough, but some users have found that adding 5-8 tags is more ideal, with a maximum of 8. Adding too few fails to showcase important video information, while adding too many can obscure the video and affect viewing. It can also easily confuse video positioning, leading to imprecise traffic pushing.


04.  Conclusion

With over one billion monthly active users globally, With over one billion monthly active users globally,  opportunity to promote their short videos TikTok offers creators the opportunity to promote their short videos to a worldwide audience and have the chance to reach more viewers through TikTok's powerful algorithm. However, considering the millions of new videos uploaded daily, ensuring that your video doesn't get lost in the mix is crucial, making the use of tags particularly important. This is where TikTok analytics hashtag becomes essential, allowing you to track the performance of your content and understand which tags are resonating with your audience, helping you to optimize your future videos for greater visibility.