TikTok makeup products:Tips for Selecting Beauty Products
2024-02-18 10:40:38

New Year, New Outlook. Since 2024 began, there have been frequent dark horse entries in the weekly sales charts in the US region, indicating that sellers are putting in extra effort to achieve more impressive results in the new year. According to Shoplus , last week in the highly competitive beauty market on TikTok US, a new product emerged as a standout performer, generating an impressive $2 million in sales within just one week. Shoplus – Makeup Product details page reveals that this “Shape tape” is priced at $32.00, with a commission rate of 20.00%,  and it belongs to the store @Tarte Cosmetics.,the total sales volume for this product stands at 91.1K units.

The beauty industry is a well-known saturated market, so the ability to generate such a significant revenue from the pool of traffic is undoubtedly impressive. There must be some hidden strategies and tactics in their marketing efforts. Shoplus will analyze this product from three key aspects: video content creation, promotional strategies, and product positioning, gradually unraveling the marketing secrets behind its success.

Using fun characters and short videos for effective product promotion

According to Shoplus  product details page, the highest-performing video associated with this concealer comes from the official store. Currently, this video has generated sales of $734.67K and has been viewed 35.0 million times, surpassing all influencer-led product promotion videos in its category. Unlike 99% of makeup product promotion videos on the market, this store took a unique approach by creating life-sized doll advertisements for their three flagship products and filmed promotional videos in an office cubicle setting.

This concise 8-second video appears to have a straightforward creative approach, but it effectively captures the essence of short video dissemination: entertainment, fast-paced, and information-rich. Firstly, the use of creating product-themed doll costumes is not a common promotional technique in the beauty industry; it's more commonly seen in the food industry, like the "Snow King" character from a brand like "Milksha." When promoting products through short videos, essentially, you're advertising. However, this small store broke away from conventional thinking by using life-sized doll costumes for their three concealers, quickly grabbing users' attention. In an era of fragmented information, capturing the consumer's gaze is the first step to successful promotion.

Secondly, they efficiently convey clear discount information within the 8-second timeframe through accompanying text. This reduces the time consumers spend thinking and hesitating, making it more likely for them to place an order directly, thereby boosting sales.

Another promotional video posted by the official store and ranking in the top three also boasts impressive statistics. This suggests that such a viral video format is replicable, and sellers looking to promote their products through short videos could try adopting a similar creative approach, potentially achieving significant marketing success with minimal effort.

Adapt strategies and concentrate on effective promotion

According to the latest data from Shoplus in the past seven days, this product has been associated with a total of 130 video contents and 103 live streaming events across major platforms. This reflects the seller's refined approach in resource allocation within their promotional strategy, with a significant focus on short video promotion. During this period, the sales volume and revenue of this concealer have shown a significant upward trend. In an effort to further expand their market influence and improve sales performance, the seller decided to intensify their live streaming promotions on January 26th. This move had a significant impact, directly boosting the total sales to a million-dollar level.

Over the past couple of years, the era of simply buying traffic has gradually become a thing of the past. Relying solely on volume-based promotion is no longer a sustainable strategy. In the age of marketing with existing customer bases, it's crucial to accurately determine which promotional channels and methods are the most effective in order to optimize resource allocation and increase ROI. Sellers can take inspiration from the successful case of this concealer to refine their marketing strategies and adapt to the changing landscape.

Quality-driven approach for loyal audience engagement.

When using the "concealer" keyword search in the Shoplus Insights product search function, it's evident that popular products in the market are generally following an affordable pricing strategy, with most prices staying within the double-digit range. This reflects the intense competition in the market and consumers' pursuit of value for money. However, within this crowded range of affordable products, two slightly higher-priced items stand out, both originating from the store @Tarte Cosmetics, which is associated with this concealer.

Further analysis of the concealer products from this store reveals outstanding ratings on Shoplus Insights, with an impressive score of 4.8/5.0. Among these ratings, nearly 87% are five-star reviews. This data not only demonstrates high consumer approval of the concealer but also highlights the product's strong competitiveness in the market.

The concept of "you get what you pay for" is well-illustrated by this concealer. Despite its higher-than-average price, consumer recognition of its quality and positive feedback indicate that the concealer's premium positioning is successful. It not only meets consumers' high expectations for concealing but also provides an excellent user experience, allowing it to stand out in the competitive market. Sellers can emphasize differentiation in their product positioning, identifying unique selling points in a crowded field of competitors.