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Everything You need about TikTok Analytics

How do you estimate success on TikTok? There are numerous criteria to look at follower count, likes, commentary, shares. But TikTok analytics go deeper they allow you to measure daily and yearly growth, total videotape play time, information about who's watching, and more. With over 1 billion active accounts, every TikTok stoner has the implicit to reach an enormous followership but not everyone does. That’s why checking your TikTok analytics( and understanding them) is so important. Track the right criteria , and you ’ll be suitable to hone in on the tactics that really work( and tell hype from reality).

Still, analytics can take some of the guesswork out of your TikTok marketing strategy, If your brand is new to TikTok. perceptivity available to TikTok Business accounts can inform everything from when you post to what you post.

Keep reading to learn which TikTok criteria you should be tracking, where to find them, and how you can use them to your advantage. There is the guide to TikTok analytics.

Who can view TikTok analytics?

Anyone can. Or rather, anyone who has a TikTok Business account. According to TikTok, these accounts offer “ creative tools that empower businesses to suppose like marketers but act like generators. ” Sneaky! And the price is right( it’s free). Choose the order that stylish describes your account. Tiktok offers orders from Art & Crafts to Personal Blog to Fitness to Machinery & Equipment.( Is bulldozertok a thing?) From there, you can add a business website and dispatch to your profile. And those precious analytics are all yours.

How to check analytics on Tiktok?

On mobile:

  • Go to your profile.

  • Open the Settings and sequestration tab in the top right corner.

  • Under Account, choose the Creator Tools tab.

  • From there, elect Analytics.

On desktop

  • Log in to TikTok.

  • hang over your profile picture in the top right.

  • Select View Analytics.

Still, you can only do this from the desktop dashboard, If you plan to download your analytics data.

How to check your TikTok analytics in Shoplus?

TikTok is presumably just one of the numerous social platforms you post content to, If you ’re a social media director or business proprietor. To see how your TikTok account is performing alongside all your other social channels, Tikmeta’s detailed reporting dashboard might be just the thing for you.

You ’ll find performance stats, including

  • Top posts

  • Follower count

  • Reach

  • Views

  • commentary

  • Likes

  • Shares

  • Engagement rates

Overview analytics

In the Overview tab, you can see analytics from the last week, month, or two months — or, you can choose a custom date range. Want to know how your account performed after you posted thatsuper-timely All I Want for Christmas is You lip sync in 2020? This is the place to go.

Content analytics

This tab shows which of your vids have been the most popular within a named date range. It also provides information about each post, including criteria like views, likes, commentary and shares.

Follower analytics

The Follower tab provides information about your followers, including a breakdown of gender as well as what part of the world they ’re viewing from. You can also see when your followers are most active on the app.

Overview tab criteria

The Overview tab offers a summary of the following criteria videotape views. The total number of times your account’s vids were viewed over a given period.

Profile views. The number of times your profile was viewed over the named period. This TikTok standard is a good suggestion of brand interest. It measures the number of people who liked your videotape enough to check out your profile, or people who are curious to see what your brand is over to on the platform.

Likes. The number of likes your vids entered in the named date range.

commentary. The number of commentary your vids entered in the named date range.

Shares. The number of shares your vids entered in the named date range.

Followers. The total census of TikTok druggies that follow your account, and how that’s changed within the named date range.

Content. The number of vids you have participated in the named date range.

LIVE. The number of live vids you have hosted in the named date range.

Content tab criteria

From the Content tab, you can measure videotape performance.

Trending vids. Shows you your top nine vids with the fastest growth in viewership over the once seven days.

Total videotape views. The number of times a TikTok videotape has been viewed.

Total like count of a post. How numerous likes a post has entered.

Total number of commentary. How numerous commentary a post has entered.

Total shares. The number of times the post has been participated.

Total play time. A accretive aggregate of the time people have spent watching your videotape. An individual post’s play time doesn't reveal much on its own, but can be compared with other posts ’ performance to determine your account’s average total play time. Average watch time. The average quantum of time people spent watching your video tape. This will give you a good suggestion of how successful you were at maintaining attention.

TikTok engagement rates

There are different ways to calculate social media engagement rates, and TikTok is no different. These are the two primary formulas marketers use

( Number of likes Number of commentary)/ Number of Followers) * 100


( Number of likes Number of commentary Number of shares)/ Number of Followers) * 100

Since like and comment criteria are visible on the platform, you can fluently see how your TikTok criteria compare with other accounts. Or compass out the engagement rates of influencers before teaming up with them. This is just one way you can make plutocrat on TikTok ( and there’s three further strategies then).

Average engagement estimate

  • For a back- of- the- envelope estimate of an accounts ’ average engagement, try the following.
  • From a profile, click Likes to see the full aggregate.
  • Count the number of vids posted.
  • Divide likes by the number of vids.
  • Divide this number by the account’s total number of followers.
  • Multiply by 100.

Keep in mind that utmost engagement rate formulas include commentary in addition to likes, so you should n’t compare these results with those computations. But since it’s time- consuming to count overall comment summations, this formula can be used as a quick way to compare accounts in- house. Grow your TikTok presence alongside your other social channels using Tikmeta. From a single dashboard, you can record and publish posts for the stylish times, engage your followership, and measure performance. Try it free moment. TikTok trends are frequently underlined by audio tracks, so check the top sounds your followers have heeded to to see what’s popular. Trends move presto on TikTok, so if you use these results for ideas, plan for a quick reversal.

Consider creating happy with further universal appeal, If you ’re looking to grow your followership( and see further action in the Followers tab). Or consider influencer marketing and mate with a applicable creator to gain exposure with different communities. For illustration, a pet toy brand may wish to team up with a four-lawful TikTok influencer like Crusoe the dachshund to reach his followership.


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