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Trend Report of TikTok Ecommerce Influencers-Q1 2023

In 2022, Q4 TikTok e-commerce market sales achieved high growth. The month-on-month growth rates of TikTok ecommerce market sales in November and December are 26% and 32%, respectively. In the favorable period of TikTok e-commerce, the number of e-commerce-related influencers is increasing gradually. In December 2022, the number of influencers to TikTok e-commerce will increase by 92% compared with October 2022. Thus, what is the future potential of these influencers of TikTok e-commerce? And where is its future breakthrough opportunity? This TikTok report will tell you all.

Shoplus utilizes platform advantages and comprehensive analysis to focus on the sales data of Q4 2022 TikTok ecommerce influencers, and conduct trend analysis based on the overview of the TikTok e-commerce influencers. The following indicates 4 major trends in Q1 of 2023:

The rising need on the supply and demand side accelerates the expansion of TikTok e-commerce.


Indonesia Market: The rising number of TikTok influencers tend to carry multiple categories to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Thailand Market: Beauty & Personal Care, and Pet Supplies are likely to choose influencers that share the same niche.

Vietnam Market: Influencers who share the same niche with the categories of kids and pets have high sales growth potential.

Please click download the report for more insights & statistics.

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