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TikTok Trending Products: Selection Strategy and Explosive Genes

TikTok products are at the heart of every successful e-commerce venture on the platform. The product selection strategy is crucial in determining the success of your store. While opting for popular products is a safe bet, finding unique and niche products tailored to TikTok's audience can set your store apart in a competitive market.

Choosing the right product is more important than anything else. Without a good product, everything is zero. So, what are the product selection strategy and explosive genes of TikTok?

For sellers who have just started using TikTok shop, the most direct method is to find hot-selling products, which is also the most conventional method. However, popular categories often mean intense competition. Developing some non-mainstream products that can meet personalized needs can help you stand out in the crowded market.

This article will discuss the product selection strategy and explosive genes of TikTok, focusing on how to find and select trending products that can help you stand out in the competitive market.

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1. Selection principles

01. In terms of selection, you can start with the principles of small volume, high value, light weight, non-infringement, not easily broken, and non-dangerous. Use your keen eyes to explore a new world.

02. Use TikTok analysis tools to find products, understand potential sales explosions, hot sales, rising popularity, and popular product rankings through Shoplus' Top Product Ranking Lists. When choosing award-winning products, use filters such as demographics, categories, prices, commissions, and time ranges to make informed decisions, and predict TikTok product trends through sales analysis of each product.

2. Selection sources

Product selection sources can be referenced in the following ways to help you select the right products more quickly and accurately.

01.Find products through platforms

This is the most common and simplest method with a low threshold, which is searching for keywords on platforms. For example, Amazon, AliExpress, Wish, etc., search for keywords, view popular sales rankings, and compare them with data tools in various places.

You can also browse categories and check out hot-selling products in each category, from major categories to subcategories.

02.Find products through Google

In addition to conventional methods like searching for products on platforms like Amazon and AliExpress, sellers can also explore Google rankings and establish connections with factories to source unique and competitive products. While considering factors like post-development capability, supplier stability, and competition, it is important to focus on uniqueness for TikTok trending products. Customizing products and incorporating unique attributes can give sellers a competitive edge and allow for more flexibility in pricing.

03.Find products through factories

Find factories through channels such as 1688, Cross-border special supply, local sources, contact suppliers, get samples, conduct field inspections, etc. This is limited by geography and requires more costs in the inspection process.

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3. Selection recommendations

When selecting products, it's best to not just choose one product, but also consider factors such as:

- What is the post-development capability of the product?

- How stable is the supplier?

- Are there any competitors in the industry who are doing better?

- Are the advertising materials and plans of the product well made?

- Is the target market and audience of the product clear?

4. Advanced skills

For regular TikTok merchants, the above three points are enough to select some competitive test products. However, when you have a specific product goal or face intense industry competition, you can focus on uniqueness.

For TikTok sellers, uniqueness means more freedom in pricing. Costs may not be much higher. For example, customizing a pet collar only requires engraving, with minimal additional costs, but the price can be at least 30% higher than regular types.

Especially in industries with high competition, unique product attributes can enhance advantages. Spending the smallest cost compared to competitors, maintaining a distance to avoid competition.

By harnessing advanced skills and focusing on unique product attributes, TikTok sellers can navigate industry competition and establish a successful presence in the e-commerce market. With a strategic approach to product selection and a keen eye for trending products, sellers can capitalize on the explosive genes of TikTok and maximize their success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Below are some key principles and sources to consider when selecting TikTok trending products, as well as advanced techniques that can boost your sales and profitability. Let's delve into the world of TikTok product selection and explore how you can discover the next big sensation.