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Best TikTok Products: MAGiC JOHN's Rise to Success

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for discovering the best TikTok products and for marketing them. Among the plethora of brands capitalizing on its reach, MAGiC JOHN stands out prominently. Specializing in smartphone accessories, particularly screen protectors, MAGiC JOHN leveraged innovative design and superior performance to capture the attention of TikTok users worldwide.


01. Fully Managed Rapid Product Testing

A search on the Shoplus storefront reveals that MAGiC JOHN operates multiple storefronts on TikTok, with five stores generating sales in the past 30 days, two of which are fully managed. Fully managed stores, established earlier than self-operated ones, allow MAGiC JOHN to swiftly enter the TikTok market at lower costs, testing product responsiveness and acceptance rates. This approach lays a solid foundation for brand recognition and market positioning.


02. Self-Operated Storefronts Creating Blockbusters

As MAGiC JOHN deepened its understanding of TikTok's platform rules, user behaviors, and market trends, it launched its first self-operated store, MagicJohn.USA, in February this year. This store exclusively sells a single product—smartphone screen protectors. In less than four months, it sold over 170,000 units, amounting to $1.5434 million in sales.

This focused approach not only concentrates marketing resources but also enhances conversion rates. Buoyed by the success of MagicJohn.USA, MAGiC JOHN swiftly replicated its winning formula with the opening of MAGiC JOHN.US in April, focusing on the same screen protector. By late May, MAGiC JOHN.US experienced significant growth, selling nearly 80,000 units within a month, with transaction amounts soaring to $563,500—a growth rate of 4675%.

This successful replication model enhances consumer awareness of the brand and its products, establishing immediate association with MAGiC JOHN when considering smartphone screen protectors.


03. Multi-Storefront Accelerated Expansion

According to Shoplus data, in mid-June, MAGiC JOHN expanded further with a new store, MAGiC JOHN-USA, also selling smartphone screen protectors. This strategy resembles the Southeast Asian storefront cluster model: once a single storefront achieves stable profitability, opening another storefront accelerates profit growth. Each storefront can potentially become a profit unit, achieving economies of scale and profit growth.

The opening of new storefronts helps the brand reach a broader consumer base, especially across different market segments or regions. Moreover, although multiple storefronts sell the same product, they can target different consumer groups or market segments, thus mitigating risks from fluctuations in a single market.

Furthermore, June 13 brought positive news for TikTok's US region, particularly for Amazon sellers, who can now join with "0 flow". Opening a TikTok US store is no longer a challenge, and MAGiC JOHN's success story provides valuable guidance for new sellers. In particular, its storefront model and focused strategy on a single product can help new sellers achieve profitability quickly and expand market share.


04. Multi-Account Matrix Operation

Beyond multi-store marketing and single blockbuster product strategies, MAGiC JOHN employs specific promotional tactics on TikTok. Taking MagicJohn.USA as an example, five of the top 10 influencers contributing to sales are self-operated accounts, highlighting MAGiC JOHN's emphasis on building and operating self-owned accounts. This multi-account matrix self-operating model enables the brand to directly control marketing messages and strategies.

Notably, the @magicjohn.shop.usa account's total influencer sales amount to $1.0418 million, accounting for 67.5%. This data illustrates the success of concentrating resources and efforts on building core accounts. Visiting the influencer's details page reveals that the primary source of transactions is short videos, accounting for 98.9%. @magicjohn.shop.usa has accumulated 320,000 followers and over 11.2 million likes.

The account is highly active, posting multiple short videos daily. Through various scenario reviews, especially seemingly absurd extreme tests, MAGiC JOHN has created a unique content style, setting itself apart from numerous accounts.


05. Multi-Level Influencer Marketing

In addition to building a matrix of self-owned accounts, MAGiC JOHN has enlisted numerous influencers to help promote its products, employing a multi-level influencer placement strategy consisting of 1% top-tier influencers and 99% mid-tier and tail-tier influencers. While individual mid-tier and tail-tier influencers may not wield the same influence as top-tier ones, their combined efforts cover a vast long-tail market, ensuring comprehensive exposure for the brand. The #magicjohn tag has accumulated 9,103 works.


06. Insights from Shoplus

MAGiC JOHN's success on TikTok not only stems from its screen protector's popularity but also from its unique market insights and marketing strategies. MAGiC JOHN's journey demonstrates that even in fiercely competitive markets, innovation and focus can carve out a blue ocean.

With its success on TikTok, MAGiC JOHN not only provides high-quality smartphone protection solutions to consumers but also valuable insights for other brands and sellers. Its multi-storefront operating model, deep focus on a single product, and marketing strategies through self-owned accounts and influencer collaborations have been crucial factors in the brand's rapid growth.

For sellers looking to capitalize on TikTok's dynamic marketplace, tools like Shoplus offer invaluable insights into trending TikTok products. Shoplus enables users to monitor category trends across TikTok's major sales regions and track shifts over various timeframes. This functionality allows sellers to stay ahead by objectively assessing metrics such as views, likes, comments, shares, and sales data.

By leveraging Shoplus, sellers gain a comprehensive view of TikTok's product landscape, facilitating informed decisions on product selection and market entry strategies. Whether identifying emerging trends or validating product potential, Shoplus serves as a powerful analytics tool tailored for TikTok shop sellers seeking competitive advantage.



MAGiC JOHN's rise on TikTok serves as a testament to the platform's potential for catapulting products into mainstream success. By leveraging TikTok's vast reach and employing strategic marketing tactics, MAGiC JOHN has not only established itself as a leader in smartphone accessories but also paved the way for others to navigate and thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.


Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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