2023 Trend Report :TikTok User Ecosystem Review
2024-02-02 11:09:25

In 2023, TikTok continues to dominate the social media landscape as a giant, with its user base rapidly growing worldwide. With the platform's development, opportunities for creators and Sellers to make money on TikTok increase as well, making it a lucrative platform for those who understand its dynamics. This article will review the TikTok user ecosystem for the entire year of 2023, helping you understand TikTok user trend reports and make better choices for your business direction and creative strategies in 2024.

TikTok User Ecosystem Overview

The total number of downloads is steadily increasing

TikTok's global user downloads peaked in May, and experienced another peak in August, with significant fluctuations in download volume each month. As user consumption habits change and the popularity of short video ecosystems increases, TikTok is converting user value into real money.

Trend of Global TikTok User Downloads from January to November 2023

Data source: Dian Dian Data, Statistical period: 2023.01.01-2023.11.30

TikTok has become a global cultural phenomenon.

with North America, South America, and Southeast Asia becoming "user hotspots."

As a global social media platform, TikTok has over 5% of its users in four countries: China, the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil. Users are predominantly located in North America, South America, and Southeast Asia. For sellers, the abundance of user bases provides opportunities for global promotion and sales. Due to differences in user habits, consumer attitudes, and social characteristics across different regions, sellers' marketing strategies need to be more region-specific.

30 Data Source: Dian Dian Data, Statistical Period: 2023.01.01-2023.11.30

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TikTok user activity analysis

The monthly active growth rate in the US market is far ahead

In terms of high activity, the countries with an average monthly active user (MAU) of over 100 million are Indonesia and Brazil. In comparison to the average MAU in the second and third quarters of this year, the US market has shown a relatively impressive growth rate, with a significant increase in user activity, reaching 9.87%. For sellers, the more active the users, the more likely they are to discover more potential trading users. When social media and e-commerce in Indonesia were "separated" and returned to the market, TikTok's Southeast Asian e-commerce business went from showcasing its strength to getting stuck in a quagmire, and now it is in a stage of "emerging from the shadows." Perhaps we still do not know the future trend. Among the remaining "nearly 100 million markets," the US undoubtedly becomes a key increment.

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30 Data Source: Dots Data, Statistical Period: 2023.04.01-2023.09.30

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TikTok user portrait analysis

Female users slightly outnumber male users, with the largest proportion being between 18 and 23 years old.

In terms of user demographics, TikTok has a slightly higher percentage of users aged 18-25 compared to other social applications, with a slightly higher proportion of female users. TikTok users are highly "youth-oriented," with females aged 18-23 accounting for 20.08% and males accounting for 14.7%. Both the age distribution and gender ratio cover a wide range. The majority of users fall between the ages of 18 and 23, indicating that the Gen Z market in TikTok is becoming a focal point of attention for many brands.

TikTok Users: High Duration, High Stickiness

User usage time far exceeds mainstream social media

TikTok's usage time has shown a fluctuating growth trend in the past three quarters, far exceeding similar social networking applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Average daily usage time per person (minutes) of mainstream overseas social media apps


Steady progress in TikTok commercialization

2023 Q3 in-app purchase revenue for TikTok increased by 101% compared to the same period last year

TikTok's in-app purchase revenue has made significant breakthroughs during Q3 this year, doubling compared to the same period last year. The future revenue growth potential is enormous. It is worth noting that in addition to the significant overall consumption situation, this also applies to each individual consumer. According to previous data released by TikTok, 67% of users stated that TikTok stimulates their desire to shop, indicating that TikTok, backed by a strong short video user ecosystem, has considerable user consumption potential.


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