Kaliesha Rae: TikTok Shop Seller Case Study
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The phenomenon of products achieving viral status on platforms like TikTok marks a transformative shift in how businesses engage with their audiences and boost sales. Kaliesha Rae's journey with Mineral Fox serves as a prime example of this digital revolution. By harnessing the power of TikTok and other social media platforms, Kaliesha not only gained financial independence but also elevated Mineral Fox to unprecedented success in the crystal market. Her strategic use of engaging content and community interaction showcases the immense potential of social media in amplifying entrepreneurial ventures.


Leveraging Social Media for Sales Surge

The rise of a product often hinges on platform support. Kaliesha Rae, a US-based entrepreneur and mother, found her path to financial freedom through TikTok by selling crystals. Her brand, Mineral Fox, distinguished itself with a unique brand narrative, high-quality products, and innovative content marketing strategies. Kaliesha's journey began with a childhood passion for collecting and crafting crystals. By 2020, sensing the growing popularity of crystals, especially in therapeutic contexts, Kaliesha leveraged her certified crystal healing expertise to found Mineral Fox in 2021. Headquartered in California, Mineral Fox specializes in healing crystals, gemstones, and handmade crystal jewelry.

TikTok Success

On TikTok, the @mineralfoxgems account gained prominence by posting 4-5 videos weekly. Content ranged from product unboxing and crystal details to jewelry crafting and stories behind crystal sourcing. The most popular content featured Kaliesha scooping crystals with a large spoon, delivering ASMR-like experiences that resonated with viewers. Her children's involvement in packaging also endeared her to followers. @mineralfoxgems amassed over 96k followers and 1.7 million likes.

Kaliesha's interactive approach on TikTok included responding to queries, encouraging entrepreneurship, and fostering customer loyalty. Her personal responses to crystal-related questions and sharing entrepreneurial insights forged strong bonds with followers, establishing trust and loyalty.

YouTube Strategy

YouTube became instrumental in Kaliesha's marketing arsenal. She posted unboxing videos showcasing each crystal's name, form, size, and symbolism, effectively capturing audience attention. Moreover, Kaliesha shared behind-the-scenes footage of her crystal mining expeditions, adding authenticity to her products. Despite infrequent updates, these videos garnered over 60,000 subscribers, with each video averaging tens of thousands of views.



Strategies Behind Success

Beyond selling a variety of crystals, Mineral Fox introduced stylish crystal jewelry. The website features a user-friendly interface and a "Flawed Products" section, where slightly imperfect items are sold at lower prices. Kaliesha's explanatory videos on these flawed items clarify their origins and characteristics, assuring consumers that these flaws do not affect the products' energy or functionality, thereby increasing purchase intent.

Innovative Packaging and Display

Kaliesha invested heavily in product packaging. Each order includes a handwritten thank-you note and a small bag of lavender, enhancing the customer's shopping experience. During packaging, she details each crystal's energy properties and usage methods, transforming purchases into thoughtful gifts.

Live Selling Strategies

In addition to social media, Kaliesha embraced live streaming platforms for product sales. Weekly live sessions engage audiences in real-time, showcasing new products, answering questions, and offering limited-time discounts. Live streaming not only boosts sales but also enhances brand loyalty among viewers.

Harnessing User-Generated Content (UGC)

Kaliesha values the power of user-generated content (UGC). She encourages customers to share their crystal experiences and photos on social media, regularly organizing contests to incentivize participation. This strategy not only increases brand exposure but also fosters a robust user community.


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Kaliesha Rae's journey as a TikTok Shop seller exemplifies the transformative power of social media marketing. Her success on TikTok not only serves as an inspiration to numerous mothers striving for entrepreneurial achievements but also offers crucial insights to sellers in diverse sectors. Through adept use of TikTok and other social platforms, Kaliesha Rae not only gained financial independence but also positioned Mineral Fox as a paragon of creativity and trustworthiness within the crystal industry, showcasing how effective digital platforms can be for business growth.


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