Latest TikTok Trend Report as of April 2024
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In the vibrant realm of TikTok, the pace is rapid. As the hub of viral content today, TikTok is where you seek to unearth strategies for reaching your audience. For marketers, navigating the deluge of trends can be daunting. Businesses employing TikTok for marketing could enhance their approach by embracing the following trends to capitalize on the excitement surrounding them, elevate brand exposure, and broaden the range of themes and concepts in their content creation. Hence, we've compiled a top TikTok trend report to enhance your brand's visibility. Let's explore!



TikTok trends in April 2024

You wouldn't last an hour...

Ever since Taylor Swift debuted The Tortured Poets Department, this phrase from "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" has gone viral on TikTok. Share a carousel post featuring the line: "You wouldn't survive an hour in the asylum where they brought me" and reveal your craziest life encounter. People have even used their old high school pictures or a screenshot from their Tumblr days. It's hilarious, isn't it? You can adapt this TikTok craze to promote any brand. Get imaginative and witty to connect with your audience in a memorable way.

When I...
The TikTok trend in question requires personalization. It's not just random; it's quite specific. Moreover, it encompasses various elements simultaneously: enjoyment, introspection, genuine emotions. Thus, approach it delicately to ensure it resonates with your audience's vibes.

Burning love transitions

Transforming the mundane into magnificence: Utilize this TikTok craze to display your brand in numerous ways, from introducing a fresh product to bringing it into existence. Consider granting the audience exclusive access, accompanying your team on evenings out - shifting from work meetings to joining our celebrations. Feel free to draw inspiration from these suggestions, but let your creativity shine. In the realm of love and TikTok's contagiousness, conventional norms need not apply.

You and me, where?

Calling all fellow travelers in the industry! Listen up: Harness this trending TikTok audio to captivate your desired audience. Together, let's explore and highlight the top locales from various destinations. Expect heightened engagement, particularly amidst the recent 8% decline in TikTok interactions over the last quarter. Moreover, this catchy tune is bound to linger in their minds, just as it does in mine.

Fight dance trend

Within this sweeping TikTok phenomenon, originating in early April and gaining immense traction, participants must adopt a distinct perspective and engage in rhythmic "combat." Embrace authenticity and enjoyment; fear not the allure of spontaneity.

TikTok trends in March 2024

Someday, I'll get it
I'm tearing up over this TikTok craze, so you don't need to engage with it. It's remarkable how swiftly this phenomenon spread in just a couple of days. It offers a fresh, creative method of storytelling, blending visuals and text in a slideshow post. Individuals are adopting this fad to narrate from a personal viewpoint, somewhat akin to observing from afar. This illustrates that it's not solely about humor and engaging content; it's also about injecting some emotion, particularly for companies aiming to forge connections with their clientele. Therefore, share your brand's narrative or hurdles while utilizing this audio and allow your audience to resonate with you.

Austin Dance

Imagine TikTok minus the hottest dance crazes? No need for dance expertise—simply unwind, enjoy, and see your clip hit #fyp. Currently, this TikTok popular tune boasts 458.4K users and growing. It's a prime chance for your brand to stand out as the dance craze peaks. Not only will you present your brand dynamically, but you'll also forge connections with your team and craft lasting memories. Check out the tutorial here.

Fresh from the Oscars, we witnessed stunning celebrity glambots. Innovative TikTok creators sparked a trend, showing how we can replicate glambots at home. Suddenly, everyone feels like a star. Why not jump on board and infuse some Hollywood glamour into your workspace? Turn your office into a dazzling red carpet and highlight your colleagues in imaginative ways. This trending TikTok craze could elevate your presence on the platform.

It's gonna be ok twist
128.6K users have utilized this trending TikTok sound. The core of this craze lies in the notion that positives can emerge even after a dramatic outburst. Creators illustrate this through relatable scenarios that elicit smiles. From everyday blunders to comical strokes of luck, this trend underscores that joy and laughter await nearby. Hence, why not infuse your content with a dose of positivity?

All this work and what did it get me

This TikTok craze is now the choice for capturing humorous or relatable instances when your endeavors fall short. But hey, isn't that just life sometimes?

"All that effort and what did it yield" flooded the fyp in March as a popular sound, and it's easy to utilize. Simply select a scenario that will strike a chord with your audience by portraying genuine occurrences, whether work-related challenges, unforeseen results, or daily happenings.

Moreover, employing it can be an enjoyable and efficient method to interact with your audience and enhance your brand's exposure.


How can you find TikTok trends?

Fads might ebb and flow, yet it's vital to continually hunt for fresh ones to maintain your content's novelty and appeal. Effectively harnessing TikTok trends can markedly enhance your visibility and audience interaction in the long run. Rather than being constantly tethered to the internet, which can prove daunting, there are easier ways to unearth new TikTok crazes.

TikTok Creative Center

TikTok's Creative Center's Trend Discovery feature proves invaluable for spotting and staying abreast of trends. Begin by choosing your location. Opting for your desired country allows access to a handpicked compilation of the platform's latest and most favored trends. Next, peruse trending hashtags, viral audio clips, top creators' videos, and more. For added inspiration, interact with the AI-driven Creative Assistant with a mere tap of the “Show me what’s trending on TikTok” button.

Browsing the “Explore” Page on TikTok

Head to the “Explore” tab to discover the hottest videos of the moment. Choose from various categories like “Fashion,” “Beauty,” and “Food & Drink.” Click on each to explore the current trends in that realm. While scrolling through, you'll spot recurring styles or themes. These are trends ripe for incorporation into your own videos.


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In the dynamic world of TikTok, trends are constantly evolving, presenting both challenges and opportunities for brands. By staying attuned to the latest trends and incorporating them into your content strategy, you can effectively increase your brand's visibility and engagement. Whether it's embracing popular hashtags, viral sounds, or emerging themes, TikTok offers a wealth of possibilities for brands to connect with their audience in creative and meaningful ways. So, don't hesitate to explore and experiment with the latest trends on TikTok to elevate your brand's presence and impact.


Eddie, a skilled content strategist in social media marketing, leverages her practical experience in digital media production to excel in analyzing TikTok video content creation. Her hands-on involvement in crafting engaging TikTok videos for brands provides unique insights into audience engagement and content optimization.

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