Product Selection Report:Top 20 best products on TikTok in 2023
2024-02-04 10:05:13

TikTok is the go-to spot for discovering new and trendy stuff, always at the forefront of what’s hot. With thousands of fresh and trendy finds every day, it’s the perfect place to explore. Join the TikTok community in discovering the 'Top trending products on TikTok' in the United States and Thailand and be part of the ever-evolving world of online shopping and viral sensations. This article provides a detailed introduction to the trending product trends report in different countries and product categories on TikTok in 2023.

At first, Let’s talk about the product in Thailand Market.

The booming home daily necessities market

Cleaning products have seen a significant increase. Comparing the sales of individual products in the first and second half of the year, toilet cleaning gel has grown by as much as 616,020%, while sales of long packaging paper and other tissue products have decreased by an average of 40%. This indicates that people pay attention to a clean and hygienic home environment and prefer efficient cleaning methods. Consumers have reduced their purchases of space thin paper, rabbit tissues, and bear tissues, reflecting an improvement in people's control over tissue quality.

The Best-selling Women's Clothing

In the era of her economy, women will pay more attention to themselves, and the demand for beauty will greatly increase. They are easily attracted by dressing content, and style, design, and aesthetics are all factors that users consider.

From the overall data trend, Korean-style designs and sweet styles are highly sought after by Thai women. Korean-style T-shirts, Korean-style tennis skirts, and summer sets with ruffled designs have shown stable sales growth, indicating consumers tend to choose aesthetically pleasing casual clothing.

The Z generation of young women has sparked a movement for freedom and unrestricted movement of the body. They have a greater demand for comfortable products rather than shaping products. Sports bras and wire-free bras have become their preferred underwear items, and the increasing sales of antibacterial underwear reflect the rising demand for women's intimate health care.

The Beauty and Personal Care Explosive Products

Compared to the second half of 2023, the sales of scented body lotion have increased by 886,319% due to the dry climate, greatly increasing the demand for body moisturization.

The sales of dual-use powder foundation have increased by 578%, indicating that women pay more attention to the diversification of product functions. They prefer multi-functional attributes in choosing foundation products.

The Pet Supplies Bestsellers

With the increasing number of pet owners, pet supplies have become a hot product category. Compared to the second half of 2023, people have stricter requirements for cat litter, as evidenced by a 17% increase in deodorizing cat litter, indicating an increase in people's demand for home cleanliness and environmental comfort. The sales of Cocoyo urine pads have increased by 141%, reflecting people's increased hygiene requirements for pet environments.

The booming fashion accessories market

The square-shaped electronic watch with its sense of technology and practicality has become a must-have option. From the data, the sales of square sports electronic watches have increased by 2133%. It seems that electronic watches are also a favorite item for many watch enthusiasts. 3D stereoscopic masks and adult 3D masks have grown by 12% and 59% respectively, while regular masks have decreased by 5%. This indicates that people value aesthetics and tend to choose masks that can enhance their facial features.

Compared to 3D masks, the sales growth rate of cartoon masks has slowed down. Cartoon masks generally do not have the function of filtering pollutants. While consumers pay attention to aesthetics, they also value the material of the masks.

The booming food and beverage market

There is an increasing demand for organic food, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. Compared to the 2023, the sales of organic cocoa powder increased by 3402%, while the sales of fried pork skin and instant noodles decreased. This indicates that people's attention to healthy eating habits and organic food has increased, and they are paying more attention to a healthy lifestyle.

The energy drink market has increased by 634%, indicating a higher demand for beverages with different effects, reflecting an increased emphasis on health by consumers. Cashew nut snack sales have increased by 2313%, indicating that people are choosing healthier and more nutritious snacks.

After learning about the trend of Thailand, Let’s talk about America market.

The Best-selling Women's Clothing

With the high influence of social media, more American women are planting quality women's clothing on TikTok. There is a strong demand for body shaping, and the consumption of slimming and shaping products has always been high. With the increasing demand for body comfort, sleeveless and wide-leg have become one of the preferred elements of American clothing. More female consumers are paying for 'personal comfort'. With the arrival of winter, short down vests have become popular in sales rankings. People not only pay attention to warmth, but also to the fashionable and durable appearance of clothes.

The booming beauty and personal care market

Hair care, hair loss, baldness, and other issues are increasingly receiving attention from consumers, and hair care products, hair growth combs, and other single products show excellent market potential. Compared to the previous quarter in 2023, the sales volume of rotating curling irons and curling irons with hot brushes increased by 669% and 276% respectively, indicating that people are paying more attention to hairstyling and pursuing personalized and fashionable hairstyles. The sales volume of eyelash sets increased by 83979%, indicating that people's focus on beauty, especially eye makeup, has increased.

Currently, the lip care category has the highest market share within the skincare category, and lip products continue to be highly sought after by consumers, with sales continuing to rise.

The popular mobile phones and digital products

From the overall trend of individual products, the consumption growth of smartwatches and game consoles is very strong, and the self-consumption demand for digital products continues to grow. With the improvement of people's quality of life, convenience and portability have become essential attributes of charger products. Charger products are continuously optimized and upgraded, among which magnetic charging single products stand out among many charger products and become the fastest-growing trend in consumption.

The single-product market for Bluetooth earphones has reached saturation, with a phenomenon of homogenization in functionality, and sales growth is relatively slow.

The booming sports and outdoor market

Consumers' enthusiasm for sports products is soaring, with yoga pants being particularly popular.

Compared to Q4 2023, sales of one-piece yoga suits increased by 1127%. Sporty jumpsuits have become a trend in outdoor clothing. The United States, as the world's largest consumer market for outdoor products, has a high popularity of yoga among American users and a high rate of outdoor sports participation. Sales of corduroy casual skirts increased by 45123%. Comfortable and breathable styles of sportswear are more favored by consumers.

In the fitness equipment category, mini steppers have been leading in sales among various equipment items. Fitness topics are very popular, and consumers are easily influenced to make purchases, resulting in a high conversion rate.

The booming health products market

The topic of gastrointestinal health is going viral on TikTok, and people are paying more attention to body care products. Compared to the previous quarter in 2023, sales of gastrointestinal care drugs and health drinks increased by 7450% and 14680% respectively, indicating an increased emphasis on gastrointestinal health by consumers.

Protein powder sales increased by 66521% and 1496% respectively, showing strong growth momentum. As a nutritional supplement for fitness enthusiasts, they need to consume such products for a long time, indicating a very high demand for these products, gradually occupying a place in the sports nutrition market.

The popular trends and collections

The collection track continues to be subdivided, and the demand for cards is skyrocketing. The "card dismantling live broadcast" gameplay that has become popular in domestic Douyin live rooms is now also gaining popularity on overseas TikTok. The sales of cards on TikTok are skyrocketing, and there is a trend of diversification in card types, providing consumers with more choices to purchase.

The collection value of globally "limited" special cards, such as star cards and Naruto cards, has become a "high-value commodity" that many card enthusiasts are eagerly following. Various single products for Christmas are selling like crazy, with the felt Christmas tree showing a strong growth trend and dominating the Christmas single product rankings.

There are many product categories, to quickly monetize, we should focus on blue ocean products, soaring products, and trending products on TikTok. When choosing product categories, it is recommended that novice sellers choose vertical categories as the main category, and the product category does not need to be extensive.

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