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TikTok Influencer Analytics: How can brands find the right influencers

With over 3.5 billion installations globally, 1 billion monthly active users, and a staggering 167+ million videos watched in just one internet minute, TikTok has become a sensation in the online world. On average, a TikTok user spends 1.5+ hours on the platform, experiencing posts with the highest engagement rates at 17.96%.

These impressive statistics have positioned TikTok as an essential channel in marketing strategies, given its vast user base and unparalleled engagement. The platform's exclusive focus on short-form videos has not only captured a massive audience but has also become a thriving space for influencers to cultivate and expand their followers. Influencers are drawn to TikTok for its ability to establish connections with a large and engaged audience.

What truly distinguishes TikTok is its innovative algorithm, showcasing content from creators of all levels, allowing new faces to rise and build a substantial follower base. This unique feature sets TikTok apart from other social media platforms, making it a dynamic and inclusive space for content creators.

Since its inception in 2016, TikTok has consistently expanded its reach, drawing in a substantial audience, especially among younger demographics. The platform's immense engagement and the presence of a myriad of influencers have caught the attention of brands and marketers. Recognizing its potential, brands swiftly entered into partnerships with influencers to amplify the exposure of their products and services to a wider audience. Over the years, TikTok has evolved into one of the most potent global influencer marketing ecosystems, establishing itself as a go-to platform for businesses looking to connect with a diverse and engaged user base.