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TikTok Shop Data: Trends in Bluetooth Headphone Sales on the Rise

With the advancement of technology and the increasing pursuit of various commodities by people, more and more users choose to use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music. They are easy to wear, can be connected to multiple devices, and can be used anytime, anywhere. The Bluetooth headphone market has entered its second decade, with technological iterations driving continuous new activities in the headphone market. The global headphone market is on the rise, with an expected market value of $89 billion by 2026.

With the segmentation of headphone products, people are starting to pursue different experiences in different scenarios. For example, sports Bluetooth earphones need to be waterproof and securely fitted to prevent falling off. There are also different demands in terms of listening methods, such as bone conduction and air conduction, which have brought great opportunities to businesses.

Recently, Shoplus data detected a very popular waterproof Bluetooth earphone, attracting a large number of users. After being placed on the shelves, it sold 134,000 units in small stores in the United States, with a price of $25.99.

01 TikTok Shop data

The Bluetooth earphone breaks through the boundaries of creativity in design, solving the volume and wearing issues of traditional earphones. The overall round design is in line with ergonomics, making it compact and portable, and comfortable to wear.

Image source: shoplus.net

View more detailed sales data: https://shoplus.net/goods/detail/1729418349655003398?type=videos&countryCode=US.

According to Shoplus TikTok Analytics, this product was launched on TikTok Shop on December 9, 2023, selling 4300 units in a single day and reaching a total sales volume of 134,000 units. It has become the best-selling product in the Thinkplus Specialty Store, with a total sales volume of 153,000 units after joining TikTok Shop. The total sales for the store reached $350.29 million.

This Bluetooth headset ranked first in the mobile phone and digital sales rankings for February, with sales of 19,000 units and revenue of $380,000 from February 26 to March 3. It sold 22,000 units and generated $580,000 in revenue from February 19 to February 25. In the entire month of February, it sold 76,000 units with revenue of $1.7 million.

These earphones use an ear-hanging design that is comfortable to wear and stable without ears, ensuring the sound effect while effectively protecting the ear canal from damage. The unique earphone structure housing, combined with the powerful thrust provided by the new Bluetooth 5.4 chip power amplifier, makes the sound more full-bodied and powerful.

Powerful speakers, combined with chip high thrust amplifier function, produce strong and powerful sound effects, achieve high definition and strong music and calls.




In the past 30 days, 118 influencers have promoted the product, with an average fan base of 70,000. The influencer with the highest number of fans is @luchyvaldez.26, who has gained 1 million fans on TikTok. There have been 205 product promotion videos, with an average view count of 30,000. (More data can be found in Shoplus Marketing Influencer Square.)

Shoplus has observed that the official account @madelynguerreroh posted a product video on TikTok on February 14, which received 299,000 views and 2,300 likes. The video's popularity is still on the rise.

Based on Shoplus data, it can be seen that the product has received over 8300 reviews with an average rating of 4.6. One customer commented: "I bought it on TikTok Shop, I love my wireless Bluetooth earphones Lenovo Thinkplus X15 Pro."

Market situation in 03

You can find related promotional videos by searching for the product name "thinkplus X15 Pro". Many users have been sharing the same Bluetooth earphones recently, with a large number of creators evaluating the product's waterproof quality, noise reduction effect, and wearing comfort during sports. Most of the promotional videos have views ranging from thousands to tens of thousands, and the influencers promoting them do not have a high number of followers. Therefore, selecting influencers with a moderate following for short video content promotion could have a good effect.

Under the hashtag #lenovox15pro, there are already over 2000 videos of this earphone model. Besides influencers promoting the product, many electronic product enthusiasts are also evaluating this earphone.

Influencers in the moderate following range have a good fan stickiness and interaction base, especially niche influencers. Their work interaction data is more stable, and there are more influencers with affordable prices, reaching a richer audience base with more balanced age and interests.

The store received 36,000 orders and sales exceeding $900,000 by joining TikTok Shop in January. Apart from having a certain brand foundation, the store also benefited from the genuine evaluations and sharing by TikTok creators.

Through Google Trends, we can understand the search popularity and market trends of product keywords on search engines during a certain period. From the search trends below, it is apparent that the search popularity for "lenovo thinkplus x15 pro" in the United States reached a peak of 100 around February 11-17.

By using SellerSpirit, we can see that the keyword "earbuds wireless bluetooth" has a search volume of over 284,000+ on Amazon, with a monthly purchase volume of 7,000+. The monthly search volume for "beats headphones wireless bluetooth" exceeds 600,000+, with a purchase volume of around 7,000.



The products of Bluetooth headphones are updated rapidly. Now there are various types of headphones for users to choose from. Europe and America still remain the main consumption market for Bluetooth headphones, with strong purchasing power in this region. Users are more willing to accept product iteration and are willing to pay for high-quality products.

The earphones launched by thinkplus have been successful on TikTok Shop, and other brands' earphones are also receiving many orders on TikTok Shop. The Southeast Asia region also has a certain potential.

Whether it's the Amazon platform or TikTok Shop, there are certain similarities in the logic of explosive products. Sellers who already have stores and sources of goods on Amazon can use TikTok Shop as an additional channel for live sales.

If you are interested, you can click to enter Shoplus.net or click to read the original article to enter the official Shoplus website to get more product selection inspirations. Shoplus will also continue to monitor TikTok data to bring more and better product references to sellers.


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