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Viral TikTok product: "3D Dragon Egg" sells nearly $400,000 in a week

Recently, a Surprise 3D Dragon Egg toy has sparked an unprecedented craze on the TikTok platform! According to data from Shoplus-Products Search, this product quickly took over the entire TikTok platform once it was listed, instantly igniting a frenzy of "Dragon Egg" toy purchases. In just one week, its sales skyrocketed to nearly $400,000, with sales exceeding nearly 30,000 units, claiming the top spot in toy product sales on the weekly chart, demonstrating unparalleled market impact!

Upon further investigation on the [Shoplus-Products Search] page, this product belongs to the American local store @PYE Games, with a single price of $14, and a commission rate as high as 8.00%. As of March 12th, the total sales of this product had soared to 123,000, becoming the store's explosive product. Such dazzling results undoubtedly prove that powerful marketing capabilities are indispensable.


1. Novel selling points make increasing sales easier

The Surprise 3D Dragon Egg stands out with its unique design and gradient color craftsmanship; users can choose from three styles: crystal dragon, rose dragon, and winter dragon, satisfying different preferences. Advanced 3D printing technology makes the Dragon Egg's details lifelike, achieving a perfect combination of art and technology, quickly becoming a popular new favorite on office desks. The video from @3sunzzz on TikTok drew widespread attention, demonstrating the prominent differences between the 3D-printed dragon egg and the typical dragon egg blind box through a detailed unboxing comparison. The video content allowed viewers to fully appreciate the exceptional quality and unique charm of the 3D dragon egg, reaching 6.2 million views and 500,000 likes, demonstrating its popularity. Moreover, the overall rating of the product is 4.9 on Shoplus, further confirming its quality and reputation.

The selling point of the "Dragon Egg" is simply novelty. Consumers are attracted to novelty, appreciate beauty, love quality, and value trust. It's an eternal truth. It is difficult to discover consumers' curiosity demands, but once unearthed, it marks the beginning of wealth. what TikTok sellers need to do is to create unique selling points for products based on the needs of target audiences, utilizing creative packaging design or unique product presentation methods, maintaining product quality while forming differentiation advantages compared to competing products, ultimately convincing users to willingly consume your products.


2. Focus on short videos, utilize live streaming as an extension

As a hot-selling product, the 3D Dragon Egg primarily occupies the market rapidly through influencer short video promotions, extended to live streaming to broaden sales channels. Since its launch, 263 short videos and appearances on 56 live broadcasts have garnered up to 70 million exposures for the product. Through short videos and live broadcasts before and after promotion, the 3D printed dragon egg toy has successfully attracted the attention and approval of a large number of consumers, becoming a trending product in the TikTok US market. In terms of sales performance, short video promotions have achieved outstanding results. The top 3 video transactions have reached as high as $100,000, each averaging millions of views. This demonstrates the significant sales potential of this explosive product, both in terms of sales and views.

Most of these short videos focus on unboxing and toy displays, and although the filming techniques appear simple, they surprisingly achieve excellent conversion effects. Therefore, businesses can follow this direct, authentic presentation method to allow consumers to better understand the product's features and advantages, stimulating their desire to purchase.

3. Select suitable influencers to boost sales efficiency

The collaboration between this 3D Dragon Egg and TikTok influencers has reached 104 individuals, forming a large promotion lineup. Looking at the user profiles of these influencers, females dominate and most are active in the "collection" category, sharing a common love for 3D printed toys. By building cooperative relationships with these influencers, they present the product's performance in a unique and professional way to attract the attention of consumers while leveraging their media influence to gain more exposure opportunities, significantly promoting purchasing intentions and transaction rates.

Ultimately, while influencer promotion tactics are effective, it is crucial to select the right influencers. Firstly, ensure a high compatibility between the product and the influencers' characteristics to maximize the promotional effect. Secondly, a thorough analysis of the performance data on influencer videos is necessary to more accurately evaluate their sales capability and potential value. Only by considering these factors comprehensively can we select influencers that are truly suitable for promoting our products, thus achieving better marketing results.


Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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