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Mastering TikTok Trending Hashtags and Traffic Doubling Strategies

According to Shoplus from January 2024, TikTok has surpassed 1.5 billion monthly active users, firmly establishing itself as the fifth-largest social media platform globally. With its rapid growth trajectory, TikTok has become one of the preferred platforms for international businesses seeking to expand their reach. While stepping into the TikTok arena marks the initial move towards maintaining a competitive edge in overseas markets, effectively attracting target audiences and achieving precise traffic inflow increasingly relies on mastering the art of TikTok trending hashtags. This article will delve into the importance of trending hashtags in TikTok marketing strategies, reveal the latest trends in popular hashtags for 2024, and provide answers to common questions to help you effortlessly master this traffic-generating tool.


Seven Strategic Advantages of TikTok Trending Hashtags

According to Shoplus data, with entertainment-related trending hashtags leading the pack with a staggering 535 billion views, TikTok has solidified its position as a platform predominantly driven by entertainment content. Following closely behind are dance category hashtags, garnering 181 billion views. Thus, incorporating trending hashtags into your TikTok marketing strategy is crucial. But what benefits does TikTok bring?

1. Enhanced Visibility: Incorporating trending hashtags into your captions pushes your content to TikTok users who haven't yet followed your brand. Choosing hashtags closely related to your video content is likely to attract those with a strong interest in that theme. For example, adding the #DIYProject hashtag helps users searching for this tag discover your video.

2. Increased Engagement: TikTok trending hashtags yield better exposure, thereby boosting user engagement. When your TikTok content receives more views, many users tend to like or comment, fostering positive interactions.

3. Community Building: Brand-customized TikTok trending hashtags are key to fostering a community around your core fan base. International brands can encourage users to use specific tags related to the brand to create videos, thereby building a loyal fan base eager to share content highly relevant to the business. Take Jellycat, for instance, who successfully gathered a community through the #jellycat tag, where users share experiences and videos featuring their Jellycat plush toys. The tag has accumulated an astounding 1 billion views, demonstrating the compelling nature of these videos.

4. Competitor Identification: Industry-specific popular hashtags serve as an effective way to identify competitors. By conducting competitive analysis, examining their profiles and content, you can compare your TikTok performance with theirs, identifying areas for improvement.

5. Creative Inspiration for TikTok Content: Searching for specific category hashtags presents the highest quality content related to that tag. This is an effective way to understand the preferences of your target audience and gain inspiration for content creation.

6. Finding Relevant Influencers: Through hashtag searches, international marketers can discover influencers creating content relevant to the hashtag. If you plan to launch influencer marketing campaigns, this is undoubtedly an effective way to find TikTok influencers to collaborate with.

7. Keeping Up with Trends: Trending hashtags help brands understand currently popular or discussed topics, enabling marketers to create content that is more relevant and resonant with users. This not only increases brand exposure but also may lead to higher user engagement and interactions.


2024 Popular TikTok Trending Hashtags Overview

Now, how do you find popular hashtags on TikTok? Don't worry, the Media Manager team has prepared a list covering multiple industries' popular TikTok trending hashtags to help international marketers easily find creative inspiration and attract more audience attention.

1. Beauty and Skincare: Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

2. Games: Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

3. Sports and Outdoor: Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

4. Food and Beverage: Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

5. Pets: Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

For track of TikTok trends, you can utilize Shoplus, a TikTok analytics tool, to find TikTok trends and discover the most popular hashtags and videos in real-time.



In the implementation of TikTok trending hashtag strategies, the choice and execution of strategies are crucial. Only by closely following hot topics and trends, selecting trending hashtags that are highly relevant to your content and widely popular, and focusing on the diversity and innovation of hashtags can you achieve broader dissemination and influence. By leveraging TikTok trending hashtags effectively, businesses can not only enhance their visibility and engagement but also build a vibrant community around their brand, ultimately driving growth and success in the dynamic landscape of social media marketing. TikTok trending hashtags


Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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