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TikTok Trending Products for 2024 Easter

As Easter approaches, merchants around the globe are eagerly looking forward to making a splash in the peak holiday shopping season. Are you on the hunt for hot items that can captivate the attention of international customers and stimulate their desire to purchase? The platform, with its powerful dissemination and influence, has become a bridge connecting consumers worldwide and also serves as an excellent battleground for your Easter commerce activities. In this article, we will delve into how to leverage the TikTok platform to select and promote products fitting the Easter theme.


Easter Market Overview

Easter, falling on March 31st, sparks a shopping frenzy across many regions including Europe and the United States, with consumer enthusiasm running high, making it one of the most important shopping festivals in the first half of the year. The surge in demand drives sales, presenting an excellent opportunity for TikTok sellers. Many malls and streets are adorned with decorations featuring rabbits and colorful eggs. Categories such as decor, apparel, gifts, food, and toys become the mainstays of holiday sales, and sellers should consider selecting from these popular items to attract more consumers.

According to data from the Shoplus TikTok analytics tool, when you search for tagged with "Easter" and sort them by sales volume, the top 10 items are often socks, portable printers, water bottles, lunch boxes, miniskirts, pajamas, etc. You'll find that these so-called "holiday bestsellers" have little to do with the holiday itself, with minimal integration of festive design; however, simply incorporating the word "Easter" into the advertising copy can lead to a significant breakthrough in sales.

Additionally, through Shoplus's tag search feature, it can be observed that the number of views for videos related to the "Easter" topic has recently surged. Lately, whether it's influencers or brands posting related videos, they all carry this tag. At the same time, the platform also directs traffic towards rapidly trending hashtags, complementing each other in festive marketing efforts. In terms of short video dissemination, Shoplus has noticed several TikTok videos with the "Easter" tag that have achieved high viewership.


What are the Best-Selling Easter Products?

According to a survey report on American consumers, buy food during Easter this year 51% plan to buy food during Easter this year, with candies and chocolates being the most popular. Data from Statista shows that in the 6 weeks before Easter 2023, candy sales in the United States reached $3.48 billion, with $2.4 billion directly related to the holiday.

In addition to candy, related peripheral products are also noteworthy, such as chocolate molds, candy bags, and baskets. This is because of the tradition of giving out candies during the holiday, leading parents to purchase baskets for their children to hold chocolates and candies.

Following candies, the toy category is the next best-selling Easter product, with data showing that 42% of people plan to buy toys. In mid-March this year, a rather bizarre "meme" trend started to gain popularity on TikTok, which directly made a previously unremarkable mini Easter chick toy go viral. It is reported that this trend was initially sparked by a blogger named @idkwutimdoin20, who posted a 13-second video on March 2nd. The video showed a row of toy chicks with one having all its feathers clipped off. The blogger also added a classic You Gotta Move guitar intro as the soundtrack and wrote in the description: "Who cut the hair without permission?" After its release, the video quickly went viral due to its discordant background music and amusing visuals that compelled viewers to laugh out loud. By the time of writing, it had amassed 21.5 million views and garnered 4.9 million likes.

Currently on TikTok, the keyword "easterchick" has reached a staggering 132 million views across the platform, and its theme hashtag #easterchick has also achieved 43.9 million views in just one month. Within the even more popular hashtag #chick, which boasts 1.3 billion views, the majority of the top-performing videos are related to this trend. Moreover, about 25 of the top 30 videos with the highest view count are associated with this particular meme.

A report released by the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that consumers will spend an average of $192.01 on Easter this year, setting a new historical record. The report also indicates that consumer spending for Easter is expected to reach $24 billion this year, surpassing the record $21.7 billion set in 2020. Easter gifts, including toys, are estimated to total $3.8 billion, with construction sets featuring chick and rabbit themes, as well as distinctive soft plush toys, all expected to experience a surge in sales.


Further Advice

Easter products are often used for gifting and decorating, so it's crucial to strictly control the packaging and quality inspection of goods to prevent negative reviews after the holiday. It is recommended that merchants offer gift-wrapping or greeting card message services for products sold during this holiday period. If customers have gifting needs, these complimentary packaging services will provide a personalized experience, helping sellers attract more potential customers.


Mike is a Content Specialist at Shoplus , who specialised in topics about social commerce and customer behaviour. When he's not working, you can often find him workout at gym. He also enjoys trying new restaurants, swimming and watching movies.
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