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TikTok Trends Products: Explosive Sales of Lemon Turmeric Kojic Soap

In the 7th week of 2024, a facial cleansing soap stands out for its highly effective cleansing effect, becoming one of the top 5 selling products on TikTok in the United States with a single week sales volume of 33,400. Next, this article will provide you with a detailed introduction to this product.

Shoplus analytics data shows that the historical total sales volume of Addyskincare, a TikTok beauty and personal care category store, is 216,000 and the historical total sales revenue is approximately 2.79 million US dollars.


In the Analysisstore's product list, you can see that the Lemon turmeric kojic soap from TikTok store Addyskincare leads with a total sales volume of 239,100, ranking at the forefront. We will take this single product as an example to further observe its promotion strategy.

Shoplus TikTok analytics data shows that [Lemon turmeric kojic soap] was launched on TikTok US shop in June 2023, with a total sales volume of 239,100 and total revenue of approximately $956,500.

This product saw a resurgence in sales in 2024, with sales peaking on February 9th, 2024 at 26,000 units and generating approximately $97,000 in revenue, making it the highest sales day in nearly 3 months.

In addition, we found that two videos associated with the product had sales of over 10,000 units each, with a total sales revenue of nearly $200,000.

Among them, a short video posted by TikTok influencer Fusha Scott in December 2023 successfully helped boost the sales of the product, becoming the most effective video for promoting sales. According to Shoplus -'Products Search' section , as of now, the video has received 7.2 million views, 248,000 likes, and total sales of 70,000 units.

Comment Section

We can see that many TikTok users have a strong interest in the products showcased in influencer videos. More than half of the comments express opinions like "really like this product".

Jayden's video released in December 2023 also drove sales of tens of thousands. Shoplus analytics data shows that the video has 7.2 million views, 393,000 likes, and sales of 13,000 items.

In addition, the official account of Addyskincare has also brought in good sales for the small shop.

According to Shoplus data, the TikTok account Addyskincare has 102,800 followers, 1.9 million likes, and an estimated sales volume of approximately $149,100.

Search for 'Lemon turmeric kojic soap' on Shoplus, and you'll find several similar products selling well on TikTok, with impressive sales performances. Furthermore, by browsing videos on TikTok, you can also see many influencers enthusiastically recommending this product, fully demonstrating its broad market and popularity.

The continuous increase in sales of [Lemon turmeric kojic soap] further highlights its strong market appeal, attracting not only the attention of many consumers but also gaining favor from retailers. In terms of influencer promotion, the enthusiastic recommendations from numerous TikTok influencers have further expanded the product's market influence. By sharing their own usage experience and demonstrating product effectiveness, they have attracted more potential consumers' attention, thus driving the continued growth of sales.


[Lemon turmeric kojic soap] has shown strong market potential in terms of sales volume, revenue, and influencer promotion, undoubtedly becoming one of the hot products in the current beauty and personal care market.

Shoplus is a free tool for viewing TikTok analytics that allows sellers and creators to stay informed about TikTok trends. Users can check the number of views and likes on popular hashtags within a specific time frame, or search for trending hashtags related to their products directly.







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