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How To Find & Re-Create Viral TikToK Videos?Top Creative Tools of 2023

Want to know how to create viral videos on TikTok? Shoplus introduces blockbuster feature to facilitate your videos going viral!

As a TikTok video blogger, are you thrown into following dilemmas:

Stagnant view count: Struggling to break the 1000 views , while the number of your followers remains stagnant...

Exhausted inspiration: Feeling a lack of inspiration and unsure of what content will go viral...

Lagging behind trends: Being slow to catch onto popular trends and struggling to predict what will go viral. 

Inefficient video production: Finding the process of filming videos to be time-consuming and laborious...

But! Others are the complete opposite:

Even bloggers with a low number of followers can effortlessly achieve over 100,000 views, and a single video can multiply their followers.

Every video they create quickly goes viral, with a surge in likes, comments, and views.

Even bloggers with a modest following can effortlessly achieve video views exceeding 100,000, and a single video can skyrocket their follower count multiple times over. Likes, comments, and views all soar, making each video a viral sensation. Their viral videos hit the bullseye every time.

So let's outsmart the competition!

Shoplus presents its latest explosive feature release, to address the challenges faced by creators mentioned above!

 Feature  1: "Viral Video" Search just in one click 

  "A viral video" refers to videos with extremely high views and engagement at explosive growth. These videos are quite common on the homepages of creators with a large fan base but are relatively rare on accounts with a smaller follower count. Once a video successfully enters the high-traffic pool, it has a 100% chance of becoming a hit.

While it can be challenging to come up with viral content through one’s own brainstorming, the quickest way is often through imitation. However, there are techniques and shortcuts to effective imitation, and Shoplus helps you screen them out in large batches with just one click.

  Accessing the "Shoplus-Creative Center-Viral Video" section, you can customize your search based on criteria such as country, video duration, likes, and creator's follower count. This allows you to filter and compile a collection of videos that best meet your specific needs.

  Furthermore, you can conveniently download the materials for secondary creative work. Once discovering high-quality resources, you can directly obtain them, e.g. creative videos, music, and tags.

TikTok Viral Video

 Feature 2:  "Hottest Video Tags" rapid targeting

Trends on TikTok come and go quickly. By the time you discover a trend, it may already be in a declining phase, making it too late to join in and create content around it.

So how to stay ahead and obtain timely information about TikTok trends and popular tags? Shoplus provides the "Tags" section to help you quickly locate them.

Through the "Tags" section, you can easily find the most trending music and topic tags, keeping your videos at the forefront of fashion. Additionally, Shoplus provides data and trend analysis for music and tags, enabling users to have a clear understanding of the popularity trends.

Hottest Video Tags

For more TikTok video analysis, visit the http://Shoplus.net right now!

We'll help you unlock new trends, enabling you to create high-impact videos that rapidly increase your follower count!



Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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