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Social & Practical: TikTok Product Trends of Envelope Saving Challeng

In the vibrant world of TikTok, creating a popular product is the dream of many businesses, but you may not be able to beat someone's small creativity even if you research day and night. In the wave of rapid product iteration, winning the hearts of consumers unexpectedly is the key! On the Shoplus platform, we noticed a product that has recently emerged in the English area – a saving book called "100 Envelope Saving Challenge", which has achieved the third place in the English zone weekly rankings.

According to the data monitoring of the Shoplus TikTok Product Trends, as of March 19th, this product has sold tens of thousands in a week, with 71 associated videos in 7 days, and the video ranking first in product promotion has even exceeded three million views! So, what is the charm of this little saving book that has caused a buying frenzy in a short period of time? Shoplus will reveal the secret of this product's success from the perspectives of product design and platform dissemination.


01.  Popularity of the Envelope Saving Challenge

In modern society, people are facing financial pressure, and saving money has become a concern for many. However, traditional ways of saving money often lack fun and are difficult to stick to.

To address this issue, an innovative solution has emerged - the cleverly designed budget binder. The unique feature of this product is that users can place cash amounts into the corresponding slots in the book. This design not only makes the process of saving money fun, but also inspires a sense of achievement and satisfaction in users. In today's fast-paced and changing life, people are increasingly eager for novelty and fun. This product meets this trend perfectly. By infusing gamified elements into the saving activity, it turns saving into a fun and challenging experience. By creating a whole new category of product, it takes advantage of the blank market and quickly stands out.

It is worth noting that the sales of the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge" saw a significant increase on March 8, almost six times higher than the previous day. This remarkable growth is noteworthy. This may be due to the increased number of associated videos on March 8, increasing the product's visibility.

In TikTok, the number of related videos is closely related to sales. An increase in the number of videos can enhance the exposure and popularity of the product. More related videos also mean more promotion channels and opportunities, attracting more potential consumers' attention, increasing the product visibility, and thus increasing the potential for sales.

When more influencers showcase the features, functions, and uses of the product, users can better understand the product and become interested in it. Such video displays can stimulate the audience's desire to purchase, prompting them to take action and buy the product. Of course, the relationship between video quantity and product sales is not a simple linear one. In addition to the increase in quantity, video quality, content creativity, and distribution strategies are also important factors affecting product sales.


02.  Socialized Saving Experience

In today's social media-dominated era, many people link all aspects of their lives to social media platforms. Social media not only provides a platform for interacting with others but also has become an important channel for sharing personal experiences and promoting products. As a popular social media platform, TikTok has provided strong communication power to the viral sales of the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge." Users can share their savings challenge through TikTok's short videos, creating a social savings experience.

On TikTok, influencers vividly introduce the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge" and demonstrate how to use it, inviting viewers to join this savings challenge. This social communication method can further increase the exposure of the product and attract more people to participate. By leveraging the communication power of social media platforms, creative products can quickly enter the view of users and achieve rapid spread in the market. According to Shoplus platform, the top three videos related to the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge" have all exceeded four million views. This not only demonstrates the unique charm of this product but also reflects its high recognition and love among users. This data fully illustrates the high popularity and appeal of the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge" in the current market. Its innovation and practicality have earned wide praise and high attention from users. Undoubtedly, this saving method has become a part of many people's financial life, providing them with an interesting and useful way to save money.


03.  Further Advice: Explore Untapped Markets

The success of the "100 Envelope Saving Challenge" also provides an important insight to businesses, highlighting the importance of innovative product design and exploring blank market needs.

Similarly, the example of pet gravestones by Rodney Melton showcases the importance of tapping into blank markets with creative products. Rodney focused on the emotional aspect of pet owners, selling pet gravestones on the e-commerce platform Etsy.

In 2022, Rodney's revenue on Etsy exceeded $200,000. Rodney Melton's success lies in his products being designed with the emotional perspective of pet owners in mind, not only displaying artistic value but also catering to the emotional market demands, thereby enhancing the product's appeal. As a result, this emotionally valuable and aesthetically pleasing pet gravestone effectively fills a gap in the pet market segment, earning wide recognition and success.



Whether it's the 100 Envelope Saving Challenge or the pet headstone, the success of these products has provided businesses with an important lesson: creativity is the key to capturing blank market opportunities. In today's competitive market, only by continually tapping into consumer needs and introducing attractive and innovative products can businesses stand out in the fiercely competitive market.