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TikTok Trending Product: Prime Bites Protein Brownies

As people pay more attention to their health and are willing to buy protein supplements, health-related products have always been a hot-selling category in TikTok Shop, and new popular brands often emerge. While the food and beverage category market still has vacancies, there are few explosive products. This has also enabled many businesses to find opportunities. For example, adding proteins and collagen to small cakes has become a popular nutritious snack. Recently, Shoplus data detected a highly-selling protein product that attracted a large number of users.


01. TikTok Shop data

Prime Bites Variety Pack is the perfect snack for those who are always on the go. This versatile box is filled with delicious protein brownies, containing 19 grams of protein and 5 grams of collagen protein, making it a healthy and satisfying snack choice.


According to Shoplus data, this product was launched on TikTok Shop on January 6th, selling 4800 units in a single day, with a total sales volume of 74,000 units. It has become the best-selling item in the store Prime Bites Protein Brownies. After Prime Bites Protein Brownies entered TikTok Shop, the total sales volume reached 85,000 units, and the total sales revenue of the store reached 2.9 million US dollars.

This brownie cake has been ranked first in the food and beverage product sales weekly chart for five consecutive weeks, with sales of 15,000 units and revenue of $580,000 from February 5th to February 11th. It sold 16,000 units and generated $590,000 in revenue from January 29th to February 4th. This means that the store's revenue surpassed $1 million in just 14 days.


02. Features of products

Prime Bites Protein Brownies are specially designed for all types of male and female athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone focused on health. Everyone will enjoy and benefit from these delicious brownie cakes, which are a simple way to supplement protein and a great snack option between meals.

Since its launch in January 2021, Alpha Prime has focused on high-quality sports nutrition supplements and protein-infused functional food series. Prime Bites Protein Brownies is the food series name launched by the brand, with excellent flavors including cream, chocolate, blueberry, etc., while adhering to the highest quality standards, using tested, safe and effective ingredients.

In the past 30 days, 103 influencers have promoted the product, with an average fan count of 154,000. The influencer with the highest number of fans is @kripapateljoshi, who has 1.4 million fans on TikTok. There are 217 promotional videos for the product, with an average view count of 107,000. (More data can be found on Shoplus TikTok Marketing Influencer Plaza.)

Shoplus observed that the official account @alphaprimebites posted a sales video on TikTok on January 19th, which received 4.9 million views and 85,000 likes. The video's popularity is still rising.

Image source: Shoplus.net

You can see the comments of purchased users through Shoplus data, with over 3800 reviews, receiving a rating of 4.3. One buyer mentioned: "So far everything is great, they taste really good!!"

Image source: Shoplus.net


03. Market Situation

You can find related promotional videos by searching for the product name "Prime Bites Protein Brownies". Recently, many users have been sharing the same brownie cakes, and many creators are evaluating the taste of the product and how to buy it. Most of the promotional videos have tens of thousands of views, and the majority of the influencers' followers have over 100,000 followers. Therefore, it can be seen that choosing influencers to promote short video content will have a good effect.

Brand accounts release a large number of videos, mainly focusing on product demonstrations and warehouse packaging. The video is updated frequently, and at the same time, they have opened up a commission program, attracting TikTok influencers to sell products through videos. The recommendation by many amateur creators has boosted the products.

Image source: TikTok.com

The store Prime Bites Protein Brownies, which entered TikTok Shop in early January, did not have obvious sales at the beginning. They started to cooperate with influencers, shooting various content for promotion. After a period of layout, the sales of the product exceeded 1,000 units on January 20. Subsequently, it continued to occupy the Top 1 in the food and beverage weekly ranking, experiencing significant growth. Many promoters' videos attracted netizens who wanted to buy the same products.

Through Google Trends, we can understand the search popularity and market trends of product keywords on search engines during a certain period of time. From the search trends below, it is easy to see that the search popularity in the United States for "Prime Bites" reached a peak of 100 around February 13th.

"Through Amazon data analysis, it can be seen that the keyword 'prime bites protein brownies' has a search volume of over 84,000 and a monthly purchase volume of over 2,900 on Amazon. The monthly search volume for 'prime bites' is over 44,000 with a purchase volume of over 3,000."

Upon entering the brand store, you can see that the same products are no longer available for purchase on Amazon. Some users in the comments section have expressed that the quality of these products is the best among all the protein brownie cakes they have tried, although they are more expensive than desired. However, the taste is good enough to continue ordering and is definitely worth trying.


04. Summary

Whether it is cake or health food, as a separate product, they have good sales volume, and both are extremely popular in Europe and America. Alpha Prime combines the two, adding nutritional elements to cake snacks. Users will consider it cost-effective and become a kind of healthy snack, making users willing to consume it.

If the brand adds more flavor choices in the future, combines nutritional ingredients with more snacks, ensures product quality, and utilizes marketing strategies such as TikTok live streaming and influencer endorsements, sales are likely to continue to rise. Cross-border sellers may also consider food and beverage products.

Whether it's Amazon platform or TikTok Shop, there are certain commonalities in the logic of popular products. Sellers who already have stores and sources of goods on Amazon can use TikTok Shop as an additional sales channel.