How to Find Trending Products on TikTok: A Comprehensive Guide
Maxwell2024-05-29 02:26:11

In the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce, TikTok has emerged as a formidable platform, transforming ordinary individuals into thriving entrepreneurs. With its staggering user base exceeding 1.4 billion active users, TikTok has solidified its position as the third most utilized social media application globally. Harnessing the power of TikTok's expansive reach presents unparalleled opportunities for businesses to unearth and promote trending products. In this extensive guide, we delve into the nuances of discovering winning TikTok products, equipping you with indispensable strategies and tools to amplify your success.


Understanding Product Criteria for TikTok

Embarking on the quest to uncover winning products on TikTok necessitates a profound understanding of the specific criteria that render a product suitable for this dynamic platform. Unlike conventional e-commerce platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, TikTok harbors a unique user demographic with distinct preferences and consumption habits. Thus, aligning your product selection with the intricacies of TikTok's ecosystem is imperative for optimal results.

Price Range: Optimal product pricing falls within the range of $20 to $45. TikTok's user base predominantly gravitates towards affordable, impulse-buy items, rendering higher-priced products less appealing.

Wow Factor: Select products imbued with a compelling wow factor or problem-solving feature. Given TikTok's abbreviated attention spans, capturing users' interest within seconds is paramount. Products should either address a pressing consumer pain point or exhibit novelty to captivate audience attention effectively.

Target Audience: Recognize the demographic diversity within TikTok's user base, extending beyond Gen Z to encompass individuals aged 25 and above. Tailoring your product selection to cater to this diverse audience segment is pivotal, considering their disposable income and consumption habits.

Markup Potential: Prioritize products with substantial markup potential to ensure profitability. Aim to market products with a minimum 2.5x markup over the cost of goods to maintain healthy profit margins amidst competitive pricing dynamics.

Market Validation: Leverage existing trends and market data to identify products with proven demand and engagement. Prioritize products that have demonstrated success on TikTok or other platforms, facilitating informed decision-making and mitigating risks associated with unproven products.


Leveraging Free Product Research Tools

While premium product research tools offer streamlined solutions, leveraging free resources remains a viable option, particularly for entrepreneurs operating within budgetary constraints. Let's explore several effective free tools and methodologies for discovering trending products on TikTok:

TikTok Ad Library: The TikTok Ad Library stands as a pivotal resource in the quest to unearth trending products on the platform. By delving into this repository of top-performing ads, entrepreneurs can glean invaluable insights into emerging product trends and effective marketing strategies. Utilizing hashtags such as #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and #MustBuys, users can navigate through a plethora of advertisements spanning various product categories. By employing filters such as location and industry, users can further refine their search parameters to align with their niche and target audience. Through diligent exploration and analysis of ad content, users can identify products that resonate with TikTok's user base, characterized by their penchant for engaging, visually compelling content.

Google Trends: Google Trends serves as a potent tool for identifying emerging trends and consumer interests, providing invaluable insights for discovering trending products. By analyzing search trends over time, entrepreneurs can discern patterns and capitalize on burgeoning demand within specific product categories.

For instance, through my analysis of Google Trends data, I discovered the sustained popularity of skincare products, which aligns with TikTok's emphasis on beauty and self-care content. This revelation prompted me to explore beauty-related niches further, leading to the identification of potential winning products such as skincare gadgets and beauty accessories. Leveraging Google Trends enables entrepreneurs to make data-driven decisions and position themselves at the forefront of evolving consumer preferences.

Competitor Analysis: Conduct in-depth analysis of competitors' stores and advertisements to glean insights into successful products within your niche. Scrutinize pricing strategies, customer engagement metrics, and market positioning to inform your own product selection and marketing efforts.

Third-Party Tools: Want a more efficient way to find trending products on TikTok? Try Shoplus for free! It’s a free all-in-one TikTok analytics tool to help your product selection based on comprehensive data and ranking lists that update every 6 hours. Please follow the guide below to find product opportunities for your TikTok business.

Select "Products” > “Top Sales” to get started. You can easily discover product potential for your TikTok business based on your filters. As shown in the screenshot, there are filters for users to get a more precise product ranking list. Filter the product ranking list by country, category, price, commission, and time range. The data of the product ranking list updates every 6 hours, so you can refresh the list to get the latest information about trending products. 



In conclusion, navigating the realm of trending products on TikTok demands a strategic approach underpinned by meticulous market research, trend analysis, and product validation. By adhering to specific criteria and leveraging free tools, entrepreneurs can unlock a wealth of opportunities and harness TikTok's unparalleled audience reach. Success on TikTok hinges on agility, creativity, and a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior. Embrace the journey of exploration and adaptation, and seize the potential for e-commerce success in the dynamic world of TikTok.


Maxwell, an experienced product analyst in e-commerce, focuses on analyzing TikTok's product trends. With extensive hands-on experience in market research and consumer behavior analysis, he offers actionable insights for brands to enhance their TikTok presence.