TikTok Trends For 2024: Global E-commerce Strategies Unveiled
2024-02-06 07:42:41

Many sellers face two major challenges when expanding their business internationally: "What to sell" and "How to sell." It's crucial to adapt product selection and marketing strategies to each market's unique characteristics.

In the previous segment, we explored the breakout categories in various countries, gaining a basic understanding of market trends. In this segment, we'll shift our focus to the question of "How to sell."

We'll discuss strategies for rapidly boosting sales in TikTok's major markets, explore high ROI advertising tactics, and master the art of "How to sell." These insights will help sellers gain a competitive edge in the fiercely competitive international market and achieve sales growth.

Short Video Advantage Zones

There's no doubt that the 129% quarter-over-quarter growth and the 73% media share indicate that short video e-commerce has become a standard practice in TikTok's US market. Influencers using short videos as a content format dominate the majority of product transactions in the American market. In the future, if US sellers want to promote and advertise effectively, associating with short video e-commerce should be their top choice.



Compared to Q2 and Q3, Thailand's proportion of short videos and live streams has shown no significant fluctuations. However, when examining the market share, live streaming still lags slightly behind in terms of e-commerce content. The expansion of the short video e-commerce traffic pool in Thailand reflects the significant enthusiasm of Thai consumers for the short video content commerce model



From a neck-and-neck situation in Q2 to a slight lead in Q3 for short video e-commerce, it's evident that consumers in the Vietnamese market have significantly increased their acceptance of short video e-commerce. Short video e-commerce is showing an initial advantage, and it holds immense growth potential in the Philippines market, making it a strong force in the e-commerce sector in the future.


From Q2 to Q3, short video e-commerce has shown a significant upward trend in the Philippine market, surpassing live streaming e-commerce and continuously expanding its market share in the content field. In the future, it's possible that short video e-commerce could become the mainstream method for e-commerce on TikTok in the Philippines.


Compared to Q2 data, it's evident that short video e-commerce is rapidly gaining momentum in the Malaysian market, gradually becoming a significant driver of consumer growth. With the continued growth of short video e-commerce in the Malaysian market, it is likely to play an even more crucial role in the future, potentially becoming a leader in TikTok e-commerce and product promotion.

Live Streaming Advantage Zone 

In contrast to most cross-border markets, live streaming e-commerce dominates the Singaporean market, with almost a monopolistic trend in Q3. It can be foreseen that the Singaporean market will be swept by a trend of live streaming e-commerce, and businesses need to consider the influence of key live streamers and shop streamers when planning their product promotion strategies.

Uncertain Territory 

Looking at the data separately for the two quarters in the UK, it's currently unclear which of the two leading methods of promoting products is gaining the upper hand. However, comparing Q3 to Q2, it's evident that the use of short video for product promotion has seen a significant decline, indicating a slowdown in its growth within the UK market. Sellers in the UK should consider a conservative approach when allocating their promotional resources, potentially balancing their efforts between both methods. 

In the Indonesian market, during Q3, there was a slight increase in the volume of short video content compared to Q2. However, due to the closure of the Indonesian station, the situation has changed. Currently, the Indonesian market shows a competitive situation between the two methods of product promotion, with both short video content and live streaming holding a significant share in terms of the number of product promotion videos and live broadcasting rooms.

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Based on insights from the Shoplus Data's Whitepaper, we now have a good understanding of the content commerce trends in each country:

Except for Singapore, where live streaming is dominant, and the competitive situation is unclear in the UK and Indonesia, short video commerce stands out as the preferred choice for promotion on TikTok in most major markets.

For most sellers, focusing on short video commerce with supplementary live streaming strategies would be a wise approach. Sellers in the UK and Indonesia may adopt a cautious strategy by diversifying their efforts between both short video and live streaming. For sellers in Singapore, live streaming promotion is almost a must-consider strategy.

When selecting influencer types for content commerce, you can also follow the above strategies to quickly attract traffic and drive sales based on high ROI.

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