2023 TikTok Annual Bestseller Marketing Case Analysis
2024-02-05 06:33:44

With the rise of social media platforms, TikTok has become a hotbed of creativity, self-expression, and fun content. But it's not just a place for short-form videos of dancing, pranks, and challenges. It's also a great platform for businesses to discover and promote viral products. In this article, we'll know some bestsell products, why they catch on, and how to capitalize on the trend.

The Secrets Behind the Hottest Sellers: Tooth Extraction Oil

From the this page, it can be found that this tooth extraction oil started to increase its live streaming efforts and short video placements in late October. This is the blue ocean period when TikTok's US Shops are open, and the market is experiencing an influx of incremental growth. There are 17 videos associated with the product with over 1 million views, and the highest view count reached 18.5 million. It was published by the influencer.

According to the monitoring of the function, hashtags such as #puppy, #pet, and #pet supplies related to pet care have remained popular, indicating a positive trend in traffic diversion. They have become essential tags for videos promoting related categories. Through the Super Shop Insights - Product Search function, it is discovered that the pricing of this tooth extraction oil is relatively high, seeking a relative balance between factors such as cost, consumption trends, income goals, and competitor pricing, thereby ensuring the product's market competitiveness and profit margin.

Explosive Single Product : Facial Massager


According to the Super Shop Insights - Overall Trends data monitoring, the Beauty and Personal Care category has always been the leading traffic driver and sales hotspot in the TikTok US market. In the fierce market competition, this product has undergone multiple price adjustments based on market feedback, ultimately choosing to impact sales with a low price point.

Short videos and live broadcasts complement each other

From the insights on the Super Shop Insights - Product Details page, the Wavy Chic facial massager quickly increased its sales through live streaming promotion strategies starting from the end of October, reaching its peak during the Black Friday shopping week with a maximum of 58 live streaming sessions in a single day. After Black Friday, the product shifted its focus to video promotion and continued to strengthen its promotional efforts.

Pricing strategy

Through the Super Shop Insights - Product Search function, it was discovered that the pricing of the Wavy Chic facial massager is relatively low compared to similar competitors, with high prices of similar competitors reaching up to $26 and the lowest price being $9. The commission rate is 20%, consistent with the level of competitors during the same period, but the pricing is the lowest among the top 3 in terms of sales, indicating the possibility of adopting a "low-profit, high-sales" strategy.

Best-Selling Product: Underarm cream



According to the data monitoring of the Super Shop Data - Product Detail page, in the early stage of launching, this underarm cream mainly focused on livestream promotion, but the sales volume was not ideal at that time. In the second half of the year, the product changed its single promotion route and added videos and influencer associations on the basis of livestreaming, effectively increasing sales through the diversified marketing strategy of "video, influencer and livestreaming" three parallel lines.

Promotion: short vedio 

According to the data monitoring of the Super Shop Data - Product Details page, in Q3, in addition to livestreaming, this underarm cream started to promote through short videos. The product was associated with over 4800 videos, with a peak daily release of 250 videos and a highest playback volume of 11.1M.

Pricing strategy 

Through the Super Shop Data - Product Search function, it was discovered that this underarm cream has the lowest price among similar competing products. Products with high sales are concentrated in the mid-to-low price range. In addition, the commission rate of 15% is at the general market level, with little difference from similar products.

After understanding the explosive products, let's take a look at what explosive products some stores have and what marketing methods they use to attract traffic.

Store Case: MySmileUS

Top 4 hot-selling products


Promotion method

Direct Sales with Shop's Own Account and Live Streaming Distribution. Specifically: MySmileUS store uses live streaming to attract customers and expand its reach, with an average of 5 live streams per day.

At the same time, MySmileUS store has its own influencer account and is associated with 110+ videos. Its own account ranks first in the MySmileUS store's top 10 influencer rankings.

MySmileUS focuses on the teeth whitening personal care field in its store, adopting a strategy of focusing on the big and letting go of the small. It emphasizes on promoting several top-selling products to drive the store's performance growth.

At the same time, MySmileUS also pays great attention to the traffic of the store account and the retention of consumers. By diversifying the presentation of product highlights through live streaming, it not only attracts new consumers but also maintains the interest of old customers, thereby increasing their willingness to purchase. To a certain extent, it promotes sales growth and lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of the store.

Store Case: The Beachwaver

Top 4 hot-selling products


Promotion: streaming accounts and video distribution

Specifically Beachwaver's shop focuses on live streaming traffic in the second half of the year. Currently, there are over 5,600 associated live streams, with a minimum of 15 live streams per day in the second half of the year. We deeply cultivate the hairdressing track and explore the depth of product traffic.

At the same time, Beachwaver's shop has extensively associated videos, with a focus on the main product (Rotating Curling Iron - Midnight Rose) with over 1000 video associations and over 170 products currently associated with 3.1K videos, greatly expanding the coverage of product traffic.

Beachwaver's shop deeply cultivates the hairdressing track and uses high-intensity live streaming tactics to explore the depth of product sales.

By focusing on the promotion of the main product (Rotating Curling Iron - Midnight Rose), it ensures that the information of the main product can be efficiently disseminated among the target consumer group. With the help of product track segmentation and diversified promotion strategies, it enriches the presentation form of the product, thereby reaching and attracting potential consumers on a broader level and achieving significant sales growth.

Store Case: Oumkorich 

Promotion: Account Direct Sales and Streaming Distribution

Specifically: oumkorich, the main sales channel for the products in the shop is through the associated videos of the store's own account. The estimated sales of the highest-ranking associated video in the shop can reach more than $800K.

At the same time, oumkorich, the shop has built its own matrix of influencer accounts, with 9 influencers associated with the store, all of whom are self-built influencer accounts. Oumkorich, the shop did not adopt large-scale advertising methods, but instead relied on research on the market and precise control of platform strategies to drive overall store performance growth.This strategy, which relies more on platform strategies and market research to leverage sales through its own account resources, has to some extent reduced marketing costs and optimized profit structure.

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