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Trending products on TikTok: Mini Fitness Trampoline Hot Selling in US

Exercise, weight loss, and fitness have always been globally popular topics. On TikTok, numerous influencers share their fitness routines, and many users have set "flags" for self-discipline and weight loss by 2024. This demand has led to the popularity of sports-related products on the TikTok Shop. However, for most people with average willpower, sticking to daily exercise is challenging. Therefore, many users seek convenient, entertaining ways to meet their weight loss and fitness needs.


The Rise of the Mini Trampoline on TikTok

This week, Shoplus analytics data found that another small, lightweight, easy-to-store home fitness "toy" has rapidly increased sales on the TikTok Shop US site, and sales continue to rise. It is the "Mini Trampoline".

Since its launch, the total sales volume of this product has exceeded 4,000 units, with an average unit price of around $80.99, total sales exceeding 4,800 units, and revenue exceeding $388,600. There are 75 influencers associated with this product and 11 related videos. In the last 30 days, sales reached 1,100 units, with an estimated GMV of nearly $100,000, and sales are still increasing.

The sports and fitness crowd can exercise on a trampoline by bouncing, doing high knees, squats, and other activities, while the built-in handlebars help them maintain balance and prevent injuries. According to product descriptions and reviews, this mini trampoline has many benefits for home fitness enthusiasts: it is small in size, light in weight, easy to set up and store, and the bouncing exercises on it do not produce harsh noises that can disturb family members and neighbors.

The Mini Trampoline Trend on TikTok

Additionally, due to its inherent elasticity, especially for fitness enthusiasts with higher body weights, this trampoline can help reduce the damage to the knee joints caused by intense exercise. Therefore, it is very popular on TikTok: a search for "rebounding workout" on TikTok will bring up many fitness influencers sharing mini trampoline workout routines - with fast-paced popular music, everyone can exercise on the mini trampoline, attracting a large number of users to imitate.

The product is sold by the local store Fitnessathome. Since entering the US site last October, the store has mainly sold home fitness equipment, with a total sales volume of nearly 78,200 items and sales exceeding $11.12 million.

Apart from the recent popular mini trampoline, other best-selling products at the small store include home steppers, dumbbell sets, rowing machines, under desk exercise bikes, etc. Prices range from $38.99 to $604.99, with an average price of $172.48.

In terms of promotion, small shops mainly rely on mainstream short video influencers to sell goods, but they are also actively developing live streaming sales: a total of 497 influencers, 730 sales videos were generated, 287 live streaming sessions, with an average sales of $38,745 per session.

From the perspective of the portrait of a goods-carrying expert, the expert is mainly young women, mainly distributed in the two major categories of beauty and personal care and women's clothing. Especially for women who have a need for fitness and weight loss, and those with larger body sizes, they perform better in terms of conversion. They pay more attention to joint protection during exercise compared to smaller individuals, making them more persuasive when carrying mini trampolines.

Blogger @Alischneider only has 225,000 followers, but the video she made for this mini trampoline product has achieved good results. In this video, which is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, she introduces several common exercise moves using the mini trampoline, estimating a GMV of $3,500. It is through these videos by small and medium-sized bloggers that the mini trampoline has experienced a significant increase in sales within a short period.

The Success of Home Fitness Products on TikTok

In the post-epidemic era, the global sports and fitness industry is embracing two new development opportunities: first, in recent years, due to the increase in personal health awareness and disposable income, people are increasingly aware of the importance of regular exercise for overall health, leading to significant growth in the global market; second, with economic development, urban residents have fast-paced lifestyles and fragmented leisure time, more and more people are choosing home fitness as a supplement to outdoor activities to achieve the goal of strengthening their bodies.

According to Statista, the global fitness equipment market is projected to reach $16.04 billion in 2022, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% from 2023 to 2030. Therefore, products related to home fitness are expected to become the next popular trend.

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