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Trending TikTok Curling Irons in the US: Sales Soaring Towards $1M

With the increasing demand for hairdressing, the American TikTok small shop, wavytalk, has stood out with outstanding performance. Among them, a curling iron priced between $18.99 and $21.99 quickly became popular, favored by many consumers. In the sixth week of 2024, this curling iron even ranked seventh in the TikTok American merchandise sales chart, fully demonstrating its market influence and popularity.

The Rise of Wavytalk

Shoplus -'Top Sales' section shows that the historical total sales volume of the TikTok beauty and personal care category store, wavytalk, is 417,400, with a total sales revenue of approximately 9.63 million dollars.

In the store's product list, you can see that there are many hot-selling products. The curling iron set from the brand wavytalk in the TikTok store has a total sales volume of over 200,000, leading the pack. Taking this single product as an example, we will further observe its marketing promotion strategy.

Shoplus -'Top Sales' section shows that the [Wavytalk Curling Wand Set with Thermal Brush-320S] was launched on TikTok's US store in August 2023, with a total sales volume of 233,600 units and total revenue of approximately seven million US dollars.

The product saw two sales peaks in November and December last year, with sales reaching 6800 units on December 16, 2023, generating sales revenue of approximately $122,400, making it the highest sales day in nearly 3 months.

In addition, we found that three of the videos associated with this product have sales of over 10,000 units each, with a total sales revenue of nearly $1.5 million.

The Key Influencer Driving Wavytalk Sales

Among them, a video released by Danielle Athena in November 2023 became the highest-selling video for the product. Shoplus data shows that the video has 13.4 million views, with sales of 36,000 units, generating approximately one million US dollars in sales.


The high-selling product [Wavytalk Single Thermal brush 1.5 Inch-186] of the TikTok store wavytalk was launched in September 2023 at the TikTok US store. Shoplus data shows that its total sales volume is 80,800 and total sales revenue is approximately $1.53 million.

The product has performed well this month, with sales reaching 5000 units on February 6, 2024, and revenue reaching approximately $99,400, making it the highest day in terms of sales volume and revenue in nearly 3 months.

At the same time, the product helped wavytalk achieve nearly $1 million in sales, making it the seventh on the TikTok US small store rankings for the sixth week of 2024.

The Power of TikTok Influencers in Boosting Product Sales

Based on the wavytalk influencer list, we found that the sales of this product are mainly contributed by influencer Danielle Athena. On her TikTok page, you can see that she has posted a large number of content promoting and recommending wavytalk brand products, further expanding the brand's influence.

Wavytalk partnered with over 8000 TikTok influencers to release promotional videos. This collaboration effectively increased the brand's visibility and boosted sales. Through these videos, wavytalk attracted the attention of more potential consumers and ultimately led them to make purchasing decisions. This brought wavytalk nearly $20 million in revenue, laying a solid foundation for its future development. Additionally, wavytalk's product also ranked tenth on the US TikTok product sales chart for the 6th week of 2024, fully demonstrating its popularity and market potential.