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How to make TikTok views grow steadily?

If the quality of content on TikTok is high enough, it will attract thousands of subscribers and millions of views. in April 2021, TikTok released its own TikTok video editor. Creators who choose to use the TikTok editor are rewarded in favor of making those videos algorithmically appealing.

1. How do editors affect the TikTok algorithm?

The goal of every TikTok content creator is to land a FYP (For You Page). This is the default view that every user sees when they open the app. TikTok uses an algorithm that customizes the content each user sees based on their interests and preferences, such as customized playlists. Editing of elements such as popular themed tags, sounds and trending videos increases the chances of them landing on FYP. If enough people watch the video, it has the potential to go viral. This is why content creators put a lot of effort into editing their videos. The evolution of the TikTok editor: from basic editing to professional editing. The original TikTok editor had only basic functionality, leading content creators to turn to 3rd party apps. Now, TikTok Video Editor lets creators easily blend popular TikTok music, sounds, fonts and colors. Advanced tools in the program include object erasure, smart text, seamless transitions and masks. And the program features a desktop editing view that allows users to quickly upload videos, edit them and publish them to the TikTok platform.

2. How to make TikTok views grow steadily?

Use popular elements

The TikTok algorithm pays close attention to popular trends. Popular sounds and filters are a great way to increase your chances of getting noticed. You can use the TikTok video editor to select elements, or you can use a free TikTok analytics tool-Shoplus to select them.

Produce high quality content

Audiences tend to respond better to higher quality content. Simple things like using the right aspect ratio for mobile devices can quickly differentiate from content that is in poor quality and production. the TikTok video editor has a built-in tool that automatically resizes your video to the perfect size for TikTok. Also, popular content gets favored by the algorithm and will fire up views quickly. As the most popular free TikTok analytics tool, Shoplus offers a section called popular content, where you can find popular music, popular TikTok hashtags, etc., which can be used as a reference. 

Use seamless transitions

The TikTok algorithm looks for which videos have a high number of views. This tells the program what you like to encourage TikTok to show videos to other users. Seamless transitions increase your chances of viewing the video multiple times. the TikTok video editor has a feature that allows creators to create professional transitions throughout the video. With Shoplus, we're here to give you a competitive edge. Providing you with powerful analytics that can help you understand which video content, music, TikTok hashtags, and merchandise are more popular. Whether you're an e-commerce merchant or a mastermind, you'll find a service you're satisfied with.

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