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How do you break through with a maximum of 500+ TikTok video views?

Nowadays, TikTok is seen as the Jitterbug of 2018, and many people take advantage of the feverish momentum to try to seize the opportunity again and prepare to make money. However, every time after posting a video, you always find it difficult to break 500+ video views. On this point, you need to know about TikTok's operation skills.

I. Algorithm mechanism

1. What is the TikTok algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation system that determines which videos will appear on your "For You" page, and it pushes videos based on your interests, making it easy to find content and creators you like.

2. How the algorithm works?

The T ikTok algorithm mechanism on the social platform is not public, this is to level the playing field for videos so that the algorithm is not maliciously played with. Today I have summarised the following points based on my past experience.

3. User interaction

The TikTok algorithm makes recommendations based on the user's interaction with the video content. Users like or dislike the interaction of the type of content will be a consideration of the TikTok algorithm recommendation mechanism. The interaction is mainly reflected in the number of likes, comments, shares and completion rates of the video.

For example, the TikTok algorithm will determine whether to push a video on your For You based on your interactions with.

Which accounts you follow
Which accounts you have blocked
What comments you have posted
What videos you have liked or shared on TikTok
What videos you've added to your favourites
What videos you have marked as 'not interesting'
What videos you think are inappropriate
Longer videos that you watched all the way to the end (also known as video completion rate)
What type of content you create for your own account

II. Video information

While the user interaction signal is based on what you see in the
While user interaction signals are based on how you interact with other users on TikTok, video messaging signals are presented based on what you tend to watch in the 'discover' feature.

This may include details such as

  • Text
  • Sound
  • Tags
  • effects
  • Hot topics

III. Device and account settings

These are also the settings that TikTok uses to optimise results, but they don't have as much impact on the content you see on the platform as user interaction and video messaging signals.

Some of the device and account settings included in the TikTok algorithm are

  • Language preference
  • Country region setting (you may be more likely to see content from people in your own country/region)
  • Mobile device type
  • Your choice of interest category

IV. Inverted Triangle Traffic Pool

Where the network environment is secure, TikTok provides a pool of traffic for each entry, which gives feedback on how well the video is playing. The main ones are as follows.
Initially there will be around 300 referrals, if the play through rate is as high as 3000+, there will be a second exposure to push the video to around 10,000 referrals. And so on.

TikTok algorithm does not recommend the content characteristics

  • Repeated content
  • Content you have already seen
  • Content marked as spam by the algorithm
  • Content that is illegal on the TikTok platform

The above is the rules of operation of the algorithm mechanism summarized by me, then now we can easily know that your video plays always fail to break 500+, right? The following specific look at.

1. Reasons for low video playback

(a) content category chaos

Video content category is too chaotic, verticality is not deep enough, it is difficult to let the algorithm mechanism to locate your video, and thus difficult to recommend out.

(b) superficial content, low originality

Content quality is too low, no highlights. Difficult to do to attract the interest of users, resulting in low interaction of the video, poor playback effect. Or low originality, repeated handling, will be limited flow.

(c) Violation issues

If the content violates the rules of the TikTok platform, use more marketing words, or politically sensitive words, there is a suspicion of spam and other problems, will lead to video streaming restrictions.

2. Account security issue

  • IP problems or network environment is not secure
  • the same device login multiple accounts
  • Affected by time difference, there is a data delay problem
  • What should I do if my video playback is restricted? The following practical tips can be used as reference

3. Specific solutions

(a) Uniformity of account tone

The account from the avatar, profile to video content, home page recommendations and labels should be vertical and unified enough. The so-called vertical refers to a single area of content, the process of raising the number in the early stages to ensure that enough attention to similar tags and users, and simulate the real operation of the likes and comments, until the home page is all and the relevant video selected by the category done.

(b) High quality content

Video content should be both highly original and high audience. Selecting content that the audience likes can improve the interaction rate of the video, including likes, comments, sharing, etc.. And high retweets can give the video as well as the account arrival higher weighting bonus, and the algorithm will therefore push your video to a larger pool of traffic, thus bringing you external new traffic. Shoplus has launched a video finder function, which allows you to personalise your search for trending videos, grassroots videos and popular videos in your field, from which you can dig into the current topics and content types of people and draw reference from them.

4. Popular BGM

TikTok is a youthful short video platform that produces innovative elements every day. Using popular background music can entice users to stay and finish watching your video, increasing user retention and also allowing users to better remember your product/brand.

You can do a quick collection of popular music through videos in the same field, keep checking the trends section daily and also see what music has been pushed by the platform recently? This is because the music actively pushed by the platform may often come with traffic.You can find the right trending music in Tikmeta in a targeted manner

5. Appropriate tags

Using popular TikTok hashtags is a way to increase the frequency of videos appearing on the relevant user's For You recommendations page. The right TikTok hashtag is also an important indicator of how the TikTok algorithm recommends videos. Any user who watches or creates a video with a specific TikTok hashtag is more likely to see the video using that hashtag.

There are many ways to find the right hashtags, from looking at the TikTok hashtags used by peers or industry leaders, to researching user preferences, or using hashtag data analysis tools. As above, Shoplus is based on AI data analysis capabilities and can filter out the right popular hashtags for you.

6. Novel material

Many elements of a great video need to be the support of quality material, such as covers, calls to action, copy, images and so on. The following specific tips are relevant

(a) Video cover

When choosing a cover, pick the most eye-catching images and make sure they are clear. If you have accumulated material, it won't be difficult to choose a cover!

(b) Video copy

The copy added to the video, try to control the proportion of the whole screen 1/4 or more, to avoid being blocked by the account name and title, compare and check before publishing. The copy should be simple, yet with highlights, and should ideally be able to attract the user's attention and thought.

V. Video requirements

Video size should be 750*1000 pixels and above. The length of the video should be within 60 seconds, it is recommended to keep it around 30 seconds. The size of the video should be between 20M and 200M.

In short, if you want to make your account bigger and stronger, you must first maintain a deep enough vertical and high quality, but also comply with the platform rules and use the algorithm mechanism to recommend. In addition, the use of data analysis tools can help to multiply your efforts. Now you know exactly what causes and what to do ~ act fast!

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