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How to Make Money on TikTok as a UGC Creator?

TikTok is all about celebrating creativity and self-expression, and user-generated content (UGC) is at the heart of this movement. UGC is what makes TikTok vibrant and exciting. As a social media platform, TikTok has cultivated a sense of community and authenticity. Providing users with the ability to create and share their own content, TikTok has created a more democratic and inclusive environment for creative expression.

User Generated Content


So, how do you monetize your TikTok UGC (user-generated content)? Find out how you can profit from your passion! In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the top UGC creator earning opportunities on TikTok and provides tips for maximizing your earning potential.

What is a UGC creator?

UGC stand for user generated content. UGC refers to any form of media created by regular people to help brands sell their products or services. It is made without incentive by a brand’s audience. UGC creators are content creators who create sponsored content that appears authentic. They get paid for making these content. Brands pay for UGC creators to look for authentic-feeling content that it can use to promote its business naturally.

I'm pretty sure that you heard a lot about influencers. You might be wondering about the difference between influencers and UGC creators. While these two types of content creators might seem similar at first glance, the way they fit into brand’s marketing strategy can be quite different.

An influencer is a person who has a large following on social media and can promote your product or service through their posts, live streams, or by attending your events. However, UGC creator is more like an everyday person who create content and post on their own social media channel or brand’s channels. The content they post is authentic and relatable, and the way they post it appears to be initiative. Why do brands hire UGC creators to create content for them? In this case, it's authentic, organically feeling content that brands want, not a creator's huge following.

How to become a UGC creator on TikTok?

Unlike influencers, you don’t need a huge following to become a UGC creator. As mentioned above, UGC will be published on the brand's channels. When creating UGC on TikTok for a brand, the emphasis should be on producing high-quality content that resonates with the brand's target audience.

UGC on TikTok needs to align with its messaging and reflect positively on its brand image. By focusing on creating quality content, you can help the brand build trust and loyalty with its audience and enhance its overall reputation.

UGC on TikTok

Become a UGC creator is very easy, follow these 5 steps to get started:

1. Have your TikTok account ready

2. Browse and define your niche

3. Be consistent with your content

4. Make your content relatable

5. Build your UGC portfolio

6. Engage with your audience

Being authentic and creative is the key to success on TikTok. Try out different types of content and develop your own unique voice. It’s essential to browse the Top videos in your niche.  By exploring the top-performing videos in your niche, you can optimize your TikTok content creation. Analyzing top-performing videos helps identify factors for success, gain insights into audience preferences, and create more engaging content to increase chances of success.

Therefore, it's highly recommend to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in your niche. One of the best ways to do this is by studying the top-performing videos and identifying the factors that make them successful. Additionally, you can use third-party TikTok analytics trackers to discover UGC ideas and monitor the latest trends. With Shoplus, you can access a range of powerful tools and features that help you stay on top of the latest trends, including trending videos, songs, and hashtags, all in one place. So why not give Shoplus a try today and take your TikTok content to the next level?

TikTok analytics tracker

What are the ways to make money through create UGC on TikTok?

UGC has proven to be effective to boost sales conversion on online and offline retailers. Researches also show that approximately half of the shoppers want to see UGC displayed on the brand’s channels.

1) Brand Partnerships and Sponsorships

On TikTok, UGC creators can earn money by partnering with brands and producing content that highlights the brand's products or services engagingly. UGC creators can receive compensation from brands.

Brand partnership

2) Affiliate Marketing

The creators of UGC on TikTok can earn commissions through affiliate marketing programs by recommending products to their audiences and earning a percentage of sales. As part of affiliate marketing, TikTok creators can sign up for affiliate programs with brands that align with their niche, and create content like product reviews, or demonstrations to show off the products they are promoting.

Affliate marketing

3) Merchandise

UGC creators on TikTok can monetize their content and strengthen the bonds with their followers by selling custom products that align with their personal brand and niche, such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and stickers, among others. The options are infinite.

Leveraging UGC and linking to your online store to promote your custom products allows you to earn a profit while allowing your audience to show their support. So why not start exploring the world of branded merchandise today and take your monetization opportunities of UGC on TikTok to the next level?

To summary, as a creator of user-generated content (UGC) on TikTok, you have several options for monetizing your content and earning money. Remember to always create engaging, authentic, and engaging content to reach your audience. You can maximize the potential of TikTok and earn money doing what you love by building a loyal following and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Leverage brands need and consumer mindset to catch the monetization opportunity!


Mike is a Content Specialist at Shoplus , who specialised in topics about social commerce and customer behaviour. When he's not working, you can often find him workout at gym. He also enjoys trying new restaurants, swimming and watching movies.
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