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7 Free & Paid TikTok Analytics Tool for 2023

Having a TikTok presence isn’t enough for a brand or business now. Even with the best creative team, you need to utilize third-party TikTok analytics tools to make data-driven decisions to be on the right track.  Identifying and analyzing TikTok hashtags, sounds, and captions is a must when comes to viral TikTok trends. There are plenty of TikTok analytics tools on the market that can help, but which one to choose to provide you the accurate TikTok solutions? The following are the Top 7 TikTok analytics viewers, both free and paid that can help you to track TikTok accounts and to optimize your branding strategy.

1. Shoplus

Shoplus is an in-depth TikTok analytics tool that offers premium data analytics, sales and TikTok metrics (views, followers, likes, etc.) It provides comprehensive data of TikTok influencer performance and help you to forecast upcoming trends with hourly-updated data of product sales on TikTok. It has ranking lists of sounds, hashtags, videos, influencers, LIVE streams, products, and TikTok shops. As a brand or individual, you can keep track of the latest trend, as well as to measure and optimize marketing performance in an efficient way.

With Shoplus, you can find almost all solutions in one place, from TikTok e-commerce data analytics to influencer marketing. It is an easy to use TikTok data analytics tool designed to help users analyze the characteristics of TikTok creators and offer multi-dimensional data analysis for TikTok business. The rich database of millions of influencers enables users to find information about their number of views, followers and videos. It is a good choice for brands or agencies who want to make data-driven decisions for influencer marketing.

Key Features

  • Discover Product Potential
  • Guide you on Growing Business
  • Gain Competitor Insight
  • Find & Track Winning Products
  • Make Conscious Decisions for Influencer Marketing
  • Optimize your Branding Strategy

The tool is free to use, and you can access to all the features. You can sneak peek at how the features structured.

TikTok analytics tool-Shoplus

TikTok analytics tool-Shoplus

Pricing: It’s free to use and you can sign in with your Google account. Paid subscription plan starts from $49 per month.


2. TikBuddy

Tikbuddy is a tech-based analytics, management and influencer marketing platform. It’s an online stats tool kit for TikTok, and offers a free browser extension that help you run your account without any effort. You can keep track of what’s trending, as well as to view any TikTok creators’ stats.

These are the key features that TikBuddy offers:

  • Industry Insights - provide quick feedback with short videos + vertical industry reports based on business research and expert interviews
  • Analytics & Management - you can track & analyze data, and manage the account on the platform.
  • Influencer Marketing - provides a ranking list for global TikTokers, discover potential influencers by filters, and offers ongoing tracking, and after feedback.

TikTok analytics tracker-TikBuddy

Pricing: It offers a 7-day free trial, subscription plan starts at $69 per month.


3. Analisa.io

Analisa.io is an Instagram and TikTok analytics tool powered by Artificial Intelligence. It provides profile analytics and hashtags analytics for TikTok, users can track each influencer’s posting activity, audience engagement and general performance, such as total view, total posts and more.

Key Features

  • Profile & Competitor Analysis - gives analysis of activity and performance of Instagram or TikTok profile.
  • Follower Demographic & Authenticity - find out follower’s age, gender and location.
  • Campaign Reporting – export profile and hashtag analytics to PDF or CSV.
  • Historical Data & Analytics – customizes data ranges to get historical data insights.
  • Content & Influencer Optimization – discover top reach and high engagement content with real-time analytics

TikTok analytics-Analisa

Pricing: the basic plan is free, but it does not include any TikTok analysis. So you have to choose from paid plans, starts from $59.35 per month.


4. Pentos

Pentos is a TikTok analytics platform that enables you to track, benchmark yours and your competitor’s content & performance in one place, such as record views, likes, comments, total plays, etc.

Key Features

  • Analyze Users – track followers, likes and comments of multiple accounts in one place.
  • Monitor Videos – records and compare views, likes and comments of videos.
  • Count Sounds – monitor what songs or sounds is trending on TikTok now, track and monitor the use of it.
  • Measure Hashtags – keep track the use of hashtags and find out its engagement and trends.

TikTok analytics tool-Pentos

Pricing: it has a 14-day free trial, price starts from $49 per month.


5. Popsters

Popsters is a social media content analytics tool. It helps to track, compare and get stats, as well as measure the efficiency of social media posts and make it graph visualization.

With Popsters, you can improve your TikTok activity by checking what kinds of content your audience is most interested in. Sort your post by time range, engagement, popularity, and text length to find out what kind of posts perform the best.

TikTok analytics viewer-Popsters

Pricing: starts from $9.99 per month, and a 7-day free trial is available.


6. Brand24

Brand24 is a social media monitoring platform. With Brand24, brands can identify and analyze hashtags, keywords, and mentions about their brand, products, and even their competitors. Basically, to track almost everything relevant to the brand.

Key Features

  • Monitor Brands
  • Analyze Sentiment
  • Create Reports
  • Track Reach
  • Measure Awareness
  • Automate Reporting

TikTok analytics viewer-Brand24

Pricing: starts from $59 per month, and offers a 14-day free trial.


7. Exolyt

Exolyt is a cloud-based social media analytics tool that provides TikTok analytics for B2C Brands, Media Agencies, and Influencers. Users can track their TikTok account, TikTok videos, and online mentions about the brand. It’s a helpful social listening tool.

Here’s some use cases of Exolyt:

  • Account Tracking & Analytics
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarks
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Monitoring & Social Listening
  • Content Creation

TikTok account tracker-Exolyt

Pricing: starts from $79 per month, and a 7-day free trial is available.


Due to the popularity of TikTok, TikTok isn’t going away anytime soon. So, optimizing your TikTok strategy effectively with TikTok analytics tools will benefit your brand, especially when you’re targeting the younger generation. TikTok analytics tool provides detailed insights and analysis to measure your marketing performance, keep track of TikTok trends, and explore e-commerce opportunities. We recommend you choose one that matches your solutions to get started.

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