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Stay updated on the latest Ramadan trend exploding on TikTok!

Muslims worldwide are eagerly preparing for the holiest festival of the year by shopping fervently. Under the hashtag #Ramadan shopping list on TikTok, many Muslim users have shared their Ramadan shopping lists, which include traditional bestsellers like new clothes, food, Ramadan decorations, as well as trendy new items.Below, Shoplus TikTok analysis shares viral products suited for selling during Ramadan.

Countdown calendar for Ramadan

In recent years, the hottest holiday item must be the "countdown calendar". You must have seen various countdown calendars from major brands on various platforms - the gift box is designed as a number of small grids or drawers labeled with numbers, each number representing the number of days until the holiday, and hiding a surprise gift such as cosmetics, skincare products, small accessories, chocolates, etc.


Dior Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Gift Box

The countdown calendar for Ramadan has also been widely welcomed by Middle Eastern users. The countdown calendar comes in two forms: gift boxes and hanging bags. You can buy an empty calendar and assemble it yourself, putting in whatever you want, or you can purchase a ready-made product from a vendor. The contents of the gifts in the countdown calendar usually include chocolates, dates, candies, toys, as well as notes with positive affirmations from the Quran, daily reflections, and daily tasks.

The user shares the process of assembling their Ramadan countdown calendar.

Many people on TikTok have shared their process of preparing Ramadan countdown calendars for their children. A user @Katieandariam included toys, decorations, chocolates, and money in the countdown calendar she prepared for her daughter, hoping that the child would use the money to buy food at the supermarket and then donate it to the food bank.

Many users in the comments section expressed that this approach not only allows children to enjoy fasting during Ramadan but also helps them understand the spirit of Ramadan, and they are all saying, "I want the link to the countdown calendar; I will also make one for my child/brother/sister."


Ramadan gift basket

The fasting month is a time of expressing gratitude throughout the year, so giving gift baskets to family, friends, colleagues, or business partners has become a long-lasting social tradition. Users on TikTok shared videos of them packing Ramadan gift baskets, which mainly include the following four types of gifts.


Chocolate, dates, nuts, honey, and traditional pastries are the most popular choices, and many users also choose to make cookies with Ramadan elements as gifts.

During the fasting month, biscuits are accompanied by candies and rosaries.

Aromatherapy candles

Aromatic candles combine the beloved Middle Eastern fragrances with popular Ramadan decorations, making them a great gift for Ramadan. Also popular are perfumes, aroma diffusers, and air fresheners.

Makeup set

For beauty-conscious Middle Eastern girls, a makeup set containing eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, mascara, and foundation is definitely an enticing gift. Some businesses have specifically released Ramadan makeup gift boxes, which include all the necessary makeup products for beginners, and have received many positive reviews and inquiries. In addition to makeup products, some sellers also include skincare packages in the gift baskets.

Prayer supplies

The gift basket, which includes prayer mats, beads, and headscarves, is an absolutely foolproof gift choice, meaningful and can be used anytime.

A prayer basket containing a prayer mat, prayer beads, and a small Quran booklet.

In addition, packaging materials, lacquer seals, stickers, and cards with elements of Ramadan are also very popular.


Packaging box with blessings printed

Seal used for packaging sealing.

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With the coming of the Ramadan festival, more and more people are starting to have festive products. Where there is demand, there is a market. Under the current market trend, Ramadan festival products will be very popular in the near future. Therefore, sellers can pay more attention to products in this area. Because the target audience of such products highly overlaps with the young users on TikTok, sellers can quickly achieve sales through the traffic advantage of TikTok.



Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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