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How to Use Shoplus for TikTok Analytics

The impressive performance of TikTok Shops in Southeast Asia's five countries in the first half of 2023 has once again proved that now is the best time to enter the market. However, seizing this opportunity is not easy. Cultural and social differences require us to abandon empiricism and take a fresh perspective on this Southeast Asian market. By understanding consumer behavior and preferences through TikTok data, you can discover business opportunities.

This article mainly introduces how to use shopplus TikTok analytics, including how to Choose Trending Products, Finding Influencers and TikTok shop analytics, etc.

And whatever TikTok data you need, Shopplus has it all.

01.Choosing Trending Products

How can you accurately identify market trends and select various top-selling products? Shoplus will guide you to choose trending products using TikTok data.

First, click on Insights and choose the country you're interested in. Then browse through the TikTok data of different categories and subcategories of each category. Through this feature, you can understand the sales revenue, sales revenue ratio, month-on-month growth, and other TikTok data for different product categories. This information can help you better understand the market situation and make more accurate product selection decisions.

TikTok Trending Products

Once you have determined the products you want to sell, you can click on E-commerce Product Selection - Product Rankings to learn more. For example, if you plan to sell women's tops in Indonesia today, you can choose Indonesia - Women's Clothing and Lingerie - Women's Tops, and select the appropriate statistical period to view the product rankings. The product rankings can be based on sales volume or sales revenue, while also providing TikTok data such as price, commission ratio, and trends as reference.

TikTok  Trending Products

By clicking on the product details, you can see the total sales volume, video playback count, video likes count, relevant videos, relevant influencers, and relevant live, etc., as TikTok data.

TikTok product details

By examining relevant videos, live streams, and influencers, you can gain insights into specific marketing content and TikTok data such as likes and comments. Combined with sales revenue, you can gauge the conversion rate of a particular video. You can study and summarize the characteristics and strategies of videos, live streams, and influencers with high click-through rates and conversion rates. This knowledge can be applied to your own marketing strategy.


In summary, Shoplus provides various features to help you obtain TikTok data on sales trends, product rankings, video information, and influencer details. You can then make correct product selection decisions and plan marketing strategies accordingly.

02.Finding Influencers

Every seller dreams of high traffic and sales brought by high-quality influencers. With Shoplus' advanced influencer search, you can also find your ideal influencers.

First, by accessing the influencer rankings on Shoplus, TikTok sellers can accurately filter based on country, category, and time to view the corresponding rankings. The rankings are sorted based on different data types, including sales volume, month-on-month growth, and total sales, among other dimensions. TikTok sellers can choose according to their own needs.

influencer rankings

Next, by clicking on the influencer details, TikTok sellers can view the influencer's detailed data, such as the number of followers, videos, and sales revenue on TikTok. They can also learn about the products, videos, and live streaming content that the influencer has posted, in order to better understand their style and characteristics. For TikTok sellers who want to collaborate with influencers but don't have channels, this can be a headache.

TikTok influencer

However, Shoplus provides a solution where TikTok sellers only need to click "One-click to get all contacts" to easily obtain channels to contact the influencers.

ikTok sellers

Additionally, considering that some TikTok sellers want to collaborate with multiple influencers at once, Shoplus has also introduced a bulk acquisition feature. By clicking on the influencer rankings, and then selecting data export and download center, TikTok sellers can download an Excel file that includes information such as estimated average order value, estimated sales revenue, number of followers, influencer's email, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

TikTok influencers

In summary, using Shoplus can help TikTok sellers quickly find their desired influencers. TikTok sellers can choose suitable collaborators based on the classic rankings and detailed data, while also obtaining channels to contact influencers and performing bulk operations. This tool provides a convenient platform for TikTok sellers to collaborate with influencers, thereby effectively improving sales performance.

03.TikTok shop analytics

Running a shop requires paying close attention to market trends and staying up to date with the latest developments of competitors in order to keep up with market trends. On the Shoplus platform, TikTok merchants can monitor the dynamics of their competitors anytime using TikTok data.

First, TikTok merchants can click on the shop rankings, select the country/region, product category, and time period to obtain the rankings and relevant TikTok data of competitors during a specific time period.

Analyzing TikTok Shops

In addition, TikTok merchants can enter the details page of competitors' shops to understand the total sales volume, estimated total sales revenue, total number of products, as well as TikTok data related to relevant videos, influencers, and live broadcasting. Through these data, TikTok merchants can analyze the characteristics of competitors' videos, influencers, and live broadcasts to understand the reasons behind their impressive performance on TikTok. By borrowing and improving upon these experiences, TikTok merchants can expect to increase their own sales.

tiktok shop analytics

Relying solely on subjective thinking such as "I think" or "I believe" makes it difficult to achieve successful transactions. The most important aspect of running a business is to think from the perspective of the other party and find products that can bring value to them. TikTok data analysis serves this purpose. 

The Shoplus platform provides decision-making support for TikTok merchants, helping them to succeed in the international market through an evidence-based approach.




Kayla is a creative writer and Content Marketer at Shoplus, focusing on topics surrounding social media and digital marketing. If you can't reach her, she's probably daydreaming at the beach. Keep up with her to discover more TikTok opportunities.
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