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6 TikTok Trends Essential for Creatives to Know and Why They Matter

TikTok is a social media app that has taken the world by storm, impacting various industries, including the creative industry. TikTok trends are viral challenges, hashtags, and themes that dominate the platform and reflect real-life experiences. As the fastest growing social media platform with nearly a billion users, TikTok's influence extends beyond popular culture, shaping music, fashion, lifestyle, political trends, and even influencing other social media platforms. It's important for creatives to be aware of these trends to understand the culture they serve and connect with their audience. In this article, we will highlight the top seven TikTok trends that creatives need to know about and explore why they matter.

TikTok trends

1. #TellMeWithoutTellingMe:

The #TellMeWithoutTellingMe trend allows creators to address various topics without explicitly stating them. Creators begin by saying something like "Tell me you're drunk without telling me you're drunk. I'll go first." They then demonstrate through actions or visuals that they are intoxicated, without explicitly stating it. This trend encourages creativity and humor, providing a lighthearted way to share experiences and insights.

2. #EidMubarak:

The #EidMubarak trend provides a platform for individuals to showcase and celebrate their Eid festivities and share insights into their culture and religion. With over 1.8 billion Muslims globally, this trend allows Muslims to express their experiences, customs, and traditions, while also fostering understanding and appreciation among viewers. It challenges stereotypes and provides an authentic, humanized perspective on Muslim culture and Islam that differs from mainstream media representations.

3. 3D Photo Challenge:

The 3D photo challenge is a trend that allows photographers to showcase their work in a unique and interactive way.This trend adds an extra dimension to traditional photography and captivates viewers with its visually captivating effects. It provides creatives with a new avenue to express their artistic vision and display their skills in an innovative format.

4. Anything Can Be an Album Cover:

The "anything can be an album cover" trend has gained immense popularity with over 4.5 billion views and even has its own TikTok filter now. The concept is simple but creative—users take screenshots from their videos and turn them into album covers by cropping them into a square shape and adding an "explicit content" logo. This trend resonates with videographers and graphic designers, allowing them to transform their videos into stunning album covers, showcasing their talents and creativity.

5. #ArtvsArtist:

The #artvsartist trend provides a platform for creatives of all mediums to introduce themselves and their artwork. By using clips or photos of themselves and their artwork, creators can showcase their skills and unique artistic style. This trend is inclusive and spans various art forms such as photography, graphic design, painting, sculpting, and more. It allows creatives to engage with their audience, gain exposure, and build their online presence.

6. #LearnOnTikTok:

The #LearnOnTikTok trend emphasizes the platform's educational side, highlighting its potential as a source of knowledge and information. Users create short videos that contain valuable lessons, tips, and facts on various topics and skills. This trend demonstrates that TikTok is not just for entertainment but also a hub for learning, where users can acquire knowledge, diversify their interests, and broaden their perspectives.

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TikTok analytics trackers

Why These TikTok Trends Matter for Creatives:

The importance of these TikTok trends for creatives is multi-fold. Firstly, TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, making it an essential space for establishing and expanding an online presence. By understanding and participating in these trends, creatives can gain exposure, connect with their target audience, and showcase their work to a global community. Secondly, TikTok allows creatives to step outside their traditional mediums and experiment with short, engaging videos. This enables them to explore new forms of storytelling, visual expression, and audience engagement. Additionally, TikTok trends reflect the evolving culture and experiences of its user base, giving creatives insights into the latest topics, themes, and aesthetics that resonate with their audience. By keeping up with these trends, creatives can adapt their work and creative strategies to maintain relevance and appeal in a constantly evolving digital landscape.


TikTok has revolutionized social media and has become a force to be reckoned with in various industries. The platform's trends have the power to shape global culture, influence music, and facilitate meaningful conversations. By understanding and participating in these trends, creatives can tap into TikTok's massive user base, showcase their talents, and engage with a global audience. These trends represent opportunities for creatives to explore new mediums, express their artistic visions, and connect with their target audience. As TikTok continues to evolve and innovate, it is becoming increasingly crucial for creatives to embrace and adapt to this platform's culture and trends to thrive in the industry.


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