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TikTok Winning Products: This bluetooth headset is hot in VN Market!

In the first half of 2023, TikTok Shop become the second largest e-commerce platform in Vietnam with a revenue market share of 16.3 trillion dong. High Internet penetration rate and huge young population mean that Vietnam has a huge consumer market.

Backed by a huge user group of Generation Z, the demand for young consumers in Vietnamese society has skyrocketed. Mobile phones and digital products, as "temptations irresistible to young people," have naturally become the TikTok trending products in the TikTok market in Vietnam.

A surprise hit "M-10 Bluetooth Earphones" appeared in TikTok Shop's Vietnamese store, July sales exceeded 30K pieces,with an average order value of 70,200 VND (equivalent to 21.2359 Chinese Yuan Renminbi, RMB). This represents a growth of 254% compared to the previous month, making it a TikTok winning product in the mobile digital category for that month. 

TikTok trending products

What makes this explosive product stand out? Shoplus analyzes it from various aspects such as product, content, live streaming, and popularity.

Appearance + price, targeting young people

The design, color matching, and texture of these Bluetooth headphones present a sense of "futurism" and "technology," which appeals to the aesthetic sense of young users.

In terms of pricing, the price of this product is equivalent to RMB 21.24 yuan, while similar products in the Vietnamese market range from 3 to 15 US dollars. Obviously, these Bluetooth headphones have a price advantage, and cost-effectiveness is an important factor influencing consumer decisions.


Constantly popular across the entire internet, driving sales to the maximum

Through Shoplus product details page, it can be seen that the sales and sales volume of these Bluetooth headphones have been increasing since mid-June, with July's sales revenue increasing by 229% compared to June, the number of associated live streaming rooms growing by 137%, and the number of associated influencers growing by 147%, all indicators showing positive development.

Searching with the keyword "Bluetooth headset" on Google Trends reveals the search popularity and market trends of this product on search engines. In the past month, the search popularity for Bluetooth headsets worldwide has remained in the upper-middle range, with fluctuations controlled within the range of 70-85, overall stability.

Marketing strategy: Focusing on live streaming rooms, maximizing sales

Focusing on sales channels, Shoplus found that these Bluetooth headphones adopt a marketing strategy of "live streaming as the main focus, short videos as a supplement." Every day, there are around 10-30 associated videos for this product, while the number of associated live streaming sessions is around 100, clearly indicating that the seller is investing more in live streaming marketing.

Through Shoplus search function, the store details page of this product can be found, revealing that the store mainly relies on live streaming to sell products, with live streaming contributing the majority of GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume). The duration of live streaming sessions is usually between 12 and 24 hours, showing maximum effort.

In terms of influencers, Shoplus found that the seller tends to find mid-level influencers to promote their products, rather than top-level influencers. Moreover, most of these influencers are young people aged 20 to 30, which aligns well with the target customer group of this product. Same-age influencers not only ensure credibility and empathy but also better understand consumers' needs.

TikTok Winning Products

The sales volume of a product is closely related to the quality of the short videos promoting it. The promotional videos for these Bluetooth headphones mostly feature voice-overs to connect with the audience. 

That's all for this analysis of TikTok winning products. If you want to learn more about TikTok winning product strategies, you can subscribe to the #TikTok Winning Products Analysis section to keep up with the latest TikTok analysis. Shoplus is here to help you stay one step ahead in boosting sales!

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