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Instructions for Writing TikTok Analytics Reports

On social media, short-form videos attract more user attention than any other form of content. This is why platforms like TikTok are capturing the hearts of users. TikTok analytics can offer you essential data to enhance your marketing strategies and accurately assess your performance. Below, you'll discover all there is to know about TikTok's analytics reports. Let Shoplus help you!


1. About TikTok analytics report

Crafting your marketing approach necessitates the development of a robust framework, within which the incorporation of periodic reports and data analyses—whether on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis—is essential. This is where TikTok shop analysis becomes crucial, providing you with the necessary insights to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.

In the process of assembling your TikTok analytical summaries, it is crucial to scrutinize the key performance indicators, regardless of whether you employ the platform's native analytical tools or opt for an external service provider. Ensure that your TikTok summaries encompass critical metric figures, strategies that resonate with your brand identity, an examination of your competitors, along with practical recommendations to refine your tactics and outperform in the future. This is where TikTok shop analysis comes into play, enabling you to evaluate your performance and make data-driven decisions.

To initiate the compilation of your TikTok analytics, you must first delve into the data available. Within the app itself, the metrics are categorized as Overview, Content, and Followers. Should you decide to utilize an external tool like Shoplus, a broader range of metrics becomes accessible. Gaining a comprehensive perspective of your TikTok performance through TikTok shop analysis is the precursor to formulating your reports, extracting valuable insights from your brand's growth trajectory on TikTok, based on the chosen timeframe.


2. Steps to write TikTok analytics reports

2.1. Add top TikTok indicators to reports

When it comes to performance KPIs, there are important insights that you need to add into your TikTok reports.

Video views

The primary indicator that individuals monitor on TikTok is the number of video plays, and for good reason. Play counts serve as the most accurate gauge of your content's exposure and appeal on TikTok. While other platforms utilize impressions, TikTok employs video views. You can monitor this metric through Shoplus by incorporating a TikTok account into the application and subsequently accessing the Impressions section.

Profile views

Monitoring the number of viewers for your brand's videos is crucial, but do not neglect to also monitor profile views. These reflect the number of individuals who have visited your profile, examined your content stream, and perused your bio and additional pertinent details. In essence, it reveals the level of interest in your brand on TikTok that extends beyond merely viewing a single video. Data related to this metric can be located in your TikTok analytics panel, under the key metrics section.

Followers growth

In addition to ensuring that your content resonates positively with your viewers, it's equally vital to confirm the growth of your community. This metric is another crucial aspect that should be incorporated into your TikTok analytics reports. A robust number of subscribers contributes to the enhancement of other TikTok metrics, provided that your videos engage a broader audience.

Through this approach, you'll be able to boost brand recognition and emerge as a frontrunner in your sector. After all, who doesn't desire to be the focal point of TikTok's spotlight? Ensure that your community is devoted and that your video material encourages interaction with your posts.

Engagement rate per post on average

Our recent TikTok Benchmarks research indicates that TikTok dominates other social media channels in terms of the average engagement rate per post. This implies that your content has a greater likelihood of going viral on TikTok compared to other platforms. Consequently, one of the key performance indicators you should monitor is the mean engagement rate per post.

Highest performing TikTok posts

Creating content is not always straightforward. Even though creativity demands significant time and dedication, it's essential to ensure that you publish high-quality content to capture the interest of TikTok users. Reviewing your top three posts aids in gaining a deeper understanding of your audience's tastes. Your most successful TikTok posts provide valuable information about what your community appreciates regarding your brand.

Share rate

An additional metric that demonstrates the level of audience engagement is the share rate and the virality of your content. A high share rate indicates that your community doesn't merely enjoy your video and likely found it hilarious, but they also believe it's worth distributing on TikTok. This is significant because you've succeeded in creating shareable content with a high likelihood of going viral. Crafting content that users are eager to share is challenging. Yet, achieving this signifies that your followers resonate with the values of your brand.

Comment rate

The comment rate indicates that your videos have piqued the curiosity of your audience. They may be genuinely astonished or have numerous inquiries. Engagement through comments from followers is a signal that they are actively observing your business operations. Expressing opinions means they feel a close connection to your brand and identify a sense of familiarity that encourages them to share their perspectives. Every marketer should rejoice upon seeing an abundance of comments (even if it implies that someone needs to respond to each one). Even when creating a buzz online, it's positive that people take notice of you.

Like rate

The like rate indicates the number of users from your community who have favored your posts within a given timeframe. If you're not pursuing likes, yet still garnering them, then you're a star. The like rate demonstrates the extent to which people adore your content, revealing that you are in sync with their tastes.


2.2. Add a detailed competitor’s data analysis

Examining your competitor's data can spark inspiration for your upcoming marketing initiatives. TikTok analytics reports, when reviewed monthly, provide the appropriate data volume to gauge your progress.

Analyzing your competitors on TikTok assists in identifying their shortcomings and advantages, while you strive to create superior content.

Initially, investigate their follower count, video aesthetics, and elements that inspire you. Subsequently, assess the tactics they employ in content creation, the patterns they adhere to, and how they sustain audience engagement. Conclude by comparing their metrics from a specific time frame with your own TikTok statistics.

Recognizing the disparities will inform you of the necessary adjustments.


2.3. Include actionable insights for the future

An effective TikTok analytics report should not merely comprise an abundance of data devoid of conclusions. You must also devise concepts to implement when crafting your subsequent marketing plan. Once you've gathered all the necessary data, it's time to contemplate future actions that could enhance your business prospects. Your actionable insights are designed to compel you to devise a novel strategy, surpassing the former one.