Optimizing Your TikTok Account: Analyzing Data for Success
2024-02-18 10:18:29

Through in-depth analysis of data, we can often get closer to the essence of things. Like operating a tiktok account, we can gain better understanding of Tiktok and have TikTok analytics tracker by analyzing data-- "video indicators" and "account indicators". So we can systematically examine what problems are reflected by each important indicator, determine the ranges for measuring the indicators, and explore how to optimize videos based on these indicators.This article mainly explains how to analyze TikTok account data and explore how to optimize videos based on these indicators.

The First Metric

Watched Full Video Rate

For an app, the amount of time that customers are willing to spend on the app is a critical indicator. If your video has a high Watched Full Video Rate, it indicates that viewers are interested in the content and are willing to spend time watching it. The platform will often consider such videos to be of relatively high quality and further recommend them. 

Based on practical data analysis, we generally set the standard for determining whether Watched Full Video Rate meets the requirements at 30%, which is the minimum benchmark

In this part we need to consider from the perspective of the user, under what circumstances would they be unwilling to watch the video? There are several reasons:

The content is tasteless

The first reasons of the video are not captivating enough. The audience tends to lose interest in the beginning of the video, so we should examine whether the content of the video is attractive enough and make it to catch audiences’ eyes.

Lack of mystery

Expose all the content at the beginning of the video. Many creators know that the first three seconds of a video must be eye-catching, so they pile up the main content of the video at first. As result, the audience has no expectations for the upcoming content. 

The sense of rhythm is dragging

The audience's patience with each video on the tiktok platform is limited. If the rhythm of the video is not compact, it will lead to audience loss. Especially for medium and long videos, it is even more important to focus on the rhythm of the video, making the audience feel that every second they spent on this video is worthwhile.

The Second Metric

Like Rate. Calculation Method: Like Rate = Total Likes / Total Views

Compared with the above completion rate, the like rate has less impact on the number of views, but it is still a valuable metric for optimization.

The criteria for measuring the like rate is generally set at 4%. Similarly, let's consider from the perspective of the audience when they are willing to give a video a like. There are generally two situations:

The video has value to be bookmarked

" I believe many people have had this experience, while scrolling through tiktok, they come across a pretty good video but didn't hit the like or bookmark button. One day when they want to find that video again, it becomes extremely difficult. Therefore, if we want to increase the video's like rate, we can enhance its value, making the audience willing to like, bookmark, and watch it repeatedly."

The points of interest in videos

Interesting content that can stimulate the audience's points of interest is a very important factor that affects the like rate. Therefore, if the number of likes on a video is low, it is important to consider how to increase the video's appeal.

The Third Metric

Comment Rate. Calculation Method: Comment Rate = Total Number Of Comments / Total Number Of Views

The criteria we generally set to measure comment rate is 0.4%. If the comment rate is lower than 0.4%, we need to improve it. Here are three recommendations:

Strengthen the talking points of the content

Many cases of low comment rates are due to the lack of talking points. Many years ago, a girl said: "I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle." This clip instantly ignited public opinion. Some people believe she is right, that the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and materialism is the cornerstone of everything. Others believe this is materialism, and we should not regard material possessions as everything. This is a very strong talking point. Therefore, when designing video content, if you want to increase comment rates and boost the popularity of the video, you can incorporate some talking points into the video.

Enhancing emotional resonance

When designing video content, it is important to consider the emotions that the target audience needs. For example, many target audiences for male-oriented motivational bloggers will tell stories about how difficult it is to be a man on social platforms. On the other hand, target audiences for female-oriented motivational bloggers will tell stories about how hard it is to be a woman. This is based on the target audience, implanting emotional value.

The Fourth Indicator

Repost Rate. Calculation Method: Repost Rate = Total Reposts / Total Plays

The judgment criterion we generally set for measuring the forwarding rate is 0.3%. If the forwarding rate is lower than 0.3%, we consider that this video has some optimization potential. There are mainly two directions:

Enhancing the sense of value in the content

Improving the sense of value in the like rate primarily focuses on the value felt by the video audience. The audience will perceive value for the person being forwarded. For example, many of us have a group called 'Loving Family' where elders often share articles like 'Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day' or 'Must Sleep before 9 PM...'. These articles are actually considered valuable by the elders for us, but not necessarily for them. Therefore, if you want to increase the forwarding rate, you need to think about and enhance the value for the person being forwarded."

Enhance the freshness of the content

Let's briefly recall that whenever there is some explosive news in society, the spread and popularity of the content are always very high. When we see such news, we also want to share it with our friends. Therefore, improving the freshness of the content can effectively increase the forwarding rate. The same applies to short video e-commerce. When selecting products, we should focus on whether the products have unique attributes. If a product has never appeared on the market before and the audience will think, 'Wow, this is amazing, there is still such a product in the world?', they will naturally spread the news."

The Fifth Indicator

Traffic Source 

There are many sources of traffic for short videos, such as recommended traffic, fan traffic, homepage entry, search entry, music entry, tag entry, and so on. In tiktok short videos, the most valuable traffic is undoubtedly recommended traffic from the platform's system, which is commonly referred to as For You traffic. The more traffic from this channel, the better the platform system judges the video quality, which in turn increases the chances of being recommended, and also leads to greater potential for views.

When we are determining whether a short video traffic source is healthy, it is generally required that the For You traffic accounts for more than 30%. If the For You traffic is below 30%, we need to consider whether the video or account is being throttled. Here are some suggestions:

Keep daily updates and stay active

In general, if we maintain daily updates, with no decline in content quality and high engagement, and our fans also show recognition, we will eventually break through the bottleneck period of limited exposure."

Upgrade the video style

Many creators accidentally engage in reverse optimization when improving their video style, thinking they are optimizing it, but actually having a negative impact on their account. For example, some creators may previously film their videos directly showcasing the products, and now they want to optimize it by adding some plot. However, if they don't control the plot well, it can result in dragging pace, confusing tags, and possibly alienating their existing fans who may not adapt to the new format. In fact, the optimized traffic may even be worse than before. When upgrading video style, we can focus on video color tones, clarity, sense of rhythm, compactness, expressive power, and more.

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