TikTok trends products:What to Sell on Valentine's Day?
2024-02-06 09:57:16

The New Year of 2024 has begun, and a wave of holiday bestsellers is emerging rapidly, just the beginning of it all. As the e-commerce traffic surges in the first month of the year, the next "big shopping holiday" is already on its way – Valentine's Day.

Acting on holiday marketing trends early is crucial. Merchants are already introducing festive-related products, and the fierce battle for product selection marketing has quietly begun. According to the latest data from Shoplus Insights, a festive item named the "Gift Boxed Water Diamond Decorated Heart-shaped Necklace" achieved sales exceeding $20,000 in just one week, making it a January dark horse in the Western market.

Shoplus Insights' product details page shows that this necklace is priced at $3.96 with a commission rate of 15.00%. It belongs to the store @DAYA and is a fully managed S-store product.

Capitalizing on Valentine's Day as a trend anchor and leveraging the double opportunity of a fully managed Valentine's Day promotion, this product reached sales of $20,000 within 7 days, with 5.4K units sold, 138 associated influencers, and 116 related videos. It's evident that this product is experiencing strong upward trends, and its marketing efforts are well-prepared.


Can other businesses replicate the success of this breakout bestseller? Shoplus Insights will systematically break down and analyze this product from three key aspects: content-driven video traffic, product quality, and associated popularity. This can help other businesses better understand how to formulate their own marketing strategies, but success also depends on various factors such as market competition and consumer response.

Building a foundation for sales explosion through content acquisition

The top 3 product promotion short videos associated with this necklace all have over a million views. If we extend the timeline to the past 30 days, it becomes evident that short video promotions play a more significant role in boosting sales for this product.

Over the past 30 days, the product has generated sales of approximately $51,800. However, just from the top three product promotion videos, the cumulative sales have already exceeded $60,000. This highlights the high sales potential that content-driven product promotion videos can bring. It's these high-traffic video contents that have created opportunities for the necklace's sales explosion.

On TikTok's content platform, these product promotion short videos have successfully attracted a large number of potential consumers through precise targeting and efficient dissemination. They have created a positive initial impression of the necklace among consumers.

Moreover, these video creators have used diverse filming techniques to showcase the necklace's design features and practical value, igniting consumer desires to make a purchase. The explosive success of these videos in the content arena not only serves as a solid foundation for boosting sales during the Valentine's Day promotion but also contributes to sustained sales performance for future products.

High-quality products establish excellent reputation

Shoplus Insights' newly introduced product rating feature acts as a mirror reflecting the true level of consumer acceptance towards a product, much like the quality of the product itself. On the product details page of this necklace, we can see that its product rating is an impressive 4.6 out of 5.0, with a whopping 2,221 five-star reviews, accounting for a remarkable 79.89% of all ratings. This data vividly illustrates the exceedingly positive reception of this necklace among consumers.

Such a high approval rate undoubtedly attests to the outstanding quality of this necklace. In the eyes of consumers, it has established an excellent reputation. The spread of positive word-of-mouth regarding its quality further boosts its sales. This reaffirms that only by creating genuinely high-quality products can a business earn market recognition and consumer affection.

Strongly associating search popularity with holiday trends

Observing the product's title, it becomes evident that its strong correlation in capturing keywords is particularly noteworthy. Right from the start, this necklace was optimized around keywords like "Valentine" and "Gift" to enhance its visibility on search engines. In the title, the term "Gift" appears six times, while "Valentine" appears three times.

This strategy of repeating keywords is undoubtedly aimed at making it easier for consumers to find this product when searching for related terms. This approach not only improves the product's search ranking but also increases its exposure, thereby attracting more consumer attention. It can be said that grasping search term popularity means capturing the consumer base and ultimately, sales. This necklace excels in this aspect, showcasing its strong correlation with search popularity.

Furthermore, being a fully managed S-store product and combined with the holiday prelude effect of Valentine's Day, it can be said that this necklace is tailor-made for the fully managed Valentine's Day promotion. With the boost from the festive atmosphere, the popularity of this necklace is sure to continue to rise, becoming a highly anticipated focal point during Valentine's Day.

The resurgence of this product reflects the immense potential in the holiday market. In fact, in recent years, the holiday goods market has shown a rapid growth trend, especially during holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and the Spring Festival, where sales of related products tend to experience explosive growth. It's no wonder that businesses are turning their attention to this market, striving to stand out in the fierce competition.

Facing the enormous opportunities in the holiday goods market, businesses need to continuously innovate, improve product quality and design to meet diverse consumer demands. They should also leverage tools like Shoplus Insights for data insights, accurately forecast market trends, and achieve precise product positioning and efficient marketing.

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