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Top TikTok Beauty Products BK Beauty Brushes Making Waves

At present, the closed-loop daily transaction volume of TikTok small shops has exceeded tens of millions, with over 300,000 merchants on board. According to reports, TikTok will continue to increase its investment in the US market in 2024, expanding its e-commerce business scale tenfold. Currently, the TikTok Shop in the US is in a bonus period; whether it is an old brand settling in or a new brand marketing, there is good sales volume.

Beauty and personal care products have always been the hot-selling category of TikTok Shop in the US, with products like mouthwash, lipstick, and concealer continuously topping the charts. In addition to these items, cosmetic auxiliary tools also have a big market, such as makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, etc.This article highlights the success of TikTok beauty products, especially high-end makeup brushes like the BK Beauty brand, showcasing their popularity and sales growth on the platform.

Recently, Shoplus data detected a highly popular high-end makeup brush, attracting a large number of users. After the product was launched, 60,000 units were sold in the US small shop at a price of $12 per brush. In addition, the prices of the makeup brushes sold by the brand are generally around $30 each.


The sudden dark horse in TikTok Shop data

The current TikTok trending product is the "Cat's Paw" version of the BK 101 contour foundation brush! Use it to gently tap and blend concealer around the eyes, seamlessly blending every time. It can also be used to apply concealer on the sides of the nose or other areas of the face for contouring.

According to Shoplus data, this product was launched on TikTok Shop on September 2nd and quickly became a trending product on TikTok. On January 17th, 2,800 units were sold in a single day, with a total sales volume of 60,000 units, becoming the best-selling product of the BK Beauty Brushes store. After BK Beauty Brushes entered TikTok Shop, the total sales volume reached 120,000 units, and the total sales of the store amounted to 2.3 million US dollars.

In the trending products on TikTok list, this makeup brush ranks 10th in the weekly sales ranking of beauty and personal care products (1.22-28) on TikTok, with sales of 9,800 units, sales of 118,000 US dollars, and a unit price of 12 US dollars. These makeup brushes are part of the softest and most luxurious brush set designed for mature skin, with a total of 7 pieces. The set of brushes was designed in collaboration with Angie Hot & Flashy to meet the unique needs of mature skin.

According to information released by the founder on the platform, the brand sold more orders in November than the total of 2019, 2020, and 2021 combined, with TikTok Shop sales accounting for 67% of total sales.

In the past 30 days, 34 influencers promoted the product, with an average of 150,000 followers. The influencer with the highest number of followers is @evilhiccup, who has 950,000 followers on TikTok and has received 12.9 million likes. There were 41 promotional videos for the product, with an average of 32,000 views. (More data can be viewed in the Shoplus marketing influencer square.)

Shoplus observed that up to now, blogger @ Kelsey ✨ posted a video on TikTok on January 17th with a cumulative sales of $74,000, reaching 1.9 million views, and the video is still gaining popularity. Among TikTok beauty products, this is a product that the blogger is very satisfied with, and she demonstrates the use and effect of the makeup brush in the video.

Top TikTok influencers @ Kelsey ✨ expressed in the title of the video that this is her favorite makeup brush and invited others to try it.

According to Shoplus data, reviews from purchased users show that the product has over 80% five-star ratings, with a total of 2,037 reviews and an average rating of 4.7.


Tiktok Trends Products Market Situation

By searching for the product name "BK Beauty," you can find related promotional videos. Recently, many users are sharing the same makeup brushes, conducting real evaluations on brush hair and makeup effects. The brand has chosen to collaborate with content creators on TikTok, releasing videos with product tags; the brand's account has gained 50,000 followers on TikTok and will also regularly post product promotion videos on the official account.

Driven by a passion for beauty and a mission of kindness, BK Beauty creates makeup products and tools with a luxurious feel and perfect performance. As long as the quality of the product is good enough and there is a certain level of brand trust, even high-priced products are desired by users.

KOL marketing has become one of the weapons for brand promotion. However, when choosing KOLs, it is necessary to pay attention to whether their content production matches the brand's tone and whether their TikTok content is persuasive. In the video posted by TikTok influencer @lifeby_tatiana, she spent nearly 2 minutes explaining the effects of using beauty sponges and makeup brushes. Her patient explanation makes it easier for users to be convinced.

In the comments section of these product recommendation videos, as well as in TikTok influencer marketing, many netizens have expressed their need for these products. Some users have also indicated that they were convinced to purchase the same product because of the blogger's detailed explanation.

Through Google Trends, we can understand the search popularity and market trends of product keywords on search engines during a certain period. It is easy to see from the TikTok trends products and the search trends below that the search popularity of "BK Beauty Brushes" in the United States reached its peak of 100 around January 21.

Through Seller Central, we can see that the search volume for the keyword "BK Beauty Brushes" on Amazon is over 34,000. According to observations on the brand's independent website, many products are already sold out, including the $185 set."



The makeup brushes recommended today are not new products, as makeup brushes are one of the most common products in TikTok beauty products. However, BK Beauty's expensive makeup brushes can still generate high sales, receiving high praise in TikTok trending products and from TikTok influencers in the Philippines. This means that makeup brushes can also be high-priced items, as long as they have strong branding and product quality, combined with TikTok live streaming and influencer marketing, there is a high possibility of achieving high sales.

CreatoriO ranks BK Beauty seventh in the global top ten beauty

 brands based on media value, driven by creators with over 30% of audiences, with a value of 7.5 million US dollars. The first place is held by L'Oreal Paris with 13 million US dollars.

Founder Paul mentioned in an interview with foreign media that BK Beauty's sales on TikTok Shop can increase rapidly, largely relying on brand original content for natural traffic and collaboration with influencers.

Whether on the Amazon platform or on TikTok Shop, there are certain commonalities in the logic of trending products. Sellers with stores and sources can use TikTok Shop as an additional sales channel.

 Shoplus data will continue to monitor TikTok to bring more and better product references to sellers.

(Note: The above content is only personal opinions, does not represent TikTok's official recommendation, for reference only)