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How to use Account Dimension Metrics for TikTok Growth Strategy

Analyzing account metrics on TikTok is essential for understanding audience behavior and optimizing content strategy. By examining indicators such as the Fan-To-Like Ratio and Distribution of Fans, creators can make informed decisions to increase fan stickiness and attract accurate followers. These metrics provide valuable insights into the performance of an account and offer guidance on how to improve engagement and reach on the platform.

The First Metric 

Fan-To-Like Ratio, Which Is Calculated As: Fan-To-Like Ratio = Total Number Of Followers / Total Number Of Likes

The fan-to-likes ratio can reflect the stickiness of an account's followers in a very intuitive way. If the ratio is too low, it indicates that the account has low fan stickiness, and the content that attracts viewers is only limited to the video level, without reaching the level of the blogger's persona or the account itself.

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The criteria for evaluating the powder-to-like ratio is generally set at 1:6. If the powder-to-like ratio is greater than 1:6, it is considered that the account has high fan stickiness and accurate fans. If it is lower than 1:6, it is considered that there is room for optimization. For example, some accounts have powder-to-like ratios of 1:15 or 1:20, which is a typical manifestation of low user stickiness. From an optimization perspective, there are two main points to note.

Vertical content

The verticality of an account is a crucial factor in enhancing fan stickiness, which represents the sense of certainty conveyed to fans by the account. For example, if we manage an account about toy cars, fans would have certain expectations that this blogger's content is all related to toy cars. This sense of certainty plays an important role in increasing fan stickiness.

If you usually pay attention, you will find that there is a type of account with a very low fan-to-like ratio and poor fan stickiness, which is the news account. We can think back to the feeling of browsing news accounts. When we are interested in a news article on TikTok, there is a further action, which is to enter the account homepage in order to learn more about the news. However, upon entering, we find that this account only has one video related to this news. Naturally, we will swipe away. So, the attraction of this account to the audience only stays at the level of that one video and cannot rise to the account level. This is the drawback of non-vertical content. Therefore, if we want to improve fan stickiness, we must make the content of the account as vertical as possible.

Continuous updating

Continuous updating is a necessary action to increase fan stickiness. The memory of audiences, especially on the internet and TikTok, is extremely limited. If we are unable to maintain frequent updates, fans will quickly forget about us, and naturally, fan stickiness will decrease. Therefore, in the process of operating TikTok, we should strive to update daily as much as possible."

The second Indicator: The Distribution Of Fans

The Distribution Of Fans Is Often Simply Divided Into Gender Distribution, Regional Distribution, And Age Distribution. In terms of gender distribution, we determine the criteria for accounts with gender orientation to be single gender accounting for more than 70%. What does it mean to have an account with gender orientation? For example, for nail art accounts, the gender often tends to be female, while for automotive accessories accounts, the gender tends to be male.

Therefore, in this type of account, the single gender ratio should be at least 70%. If it is lower than 70%, we consider that the account's fans are not accurate and there is room for optimization.

In terms of geographic distribution, our criteria for judging is that the proportion of our target country should be greater than 20%. If our target country is the United States, then the percentage of fans in the US region should be greater than 20%. If the target country is France, then the percentage of fans in the French region should be greater than 20%. If it is less than 20%, we consider the fans to be inaccurate and there is room for optimization.

Regarding age distribution

Our criteria for judging is that at least 50% of fans should be adults. However, in the current version of TikTok, the system does not provide us with fan age data. Therefore, we often use sampling surveys to estimate the age distribution of fans. The specific method of operation is to randomly select 100-200 fans from our fan list, click on their profile pictures to enter their homepage, and view their videos to determine whether they are financially capable adults or non-purchasing children, and make records accordingly. If we come across private accounts or accounts that cannot be judged, we skip them. Through this method, we can initially determine the age range of fans. If more than 50% are children, it means that our account traffic is deviating.

After discovering that the account traffic has gone off track, how should we respond? We generally have two strategies:

"Continue operation and hope to correct account traffic from a long-term perspective."

"Abandon the account and start a new one."

After continuous testing, typically the second approach proves to be more efficient among the aforementioned two. Therefore, we recommend everyone to adopt the second approach to cope with the problem of traffic deviation.

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In conclusion, leveraging account data analysis is crucial for TikTok creators looking to grow their presence on the platform. By implementing strategies based on metrics such as the Fan-To-Like Ratio and Distribution of Fans, users can optimize their content to attract the right audience and increase fan stickiness. Through continuous monitoring and adjustment, creators can drive engagement, reach, and overall success on TikTok.